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10 Event Safety Training Courses

We’ve compiled a list of event safety training courses that can help your teams achieve high levels of competency and understanding when it comes to event management and safety. Some of the topics covered in these courses range from risk assessments, event preparation, first aid, crowd control, and more. 

Event Safety Training Courses
Last published: 13th May 2024
SC Training (formerly EdApp) Event Safety Training Course - Crowd Management

1. Crowd Management

An event safety training course like Crowd Management by SC Training (formerly EdApp) can help you manage large events like sales or product launches and guarantee everyone's safety inside the venue. The course begins by highlighting how crucial it is to prepare for an event by having a plan in place, such as making sure that your entry and exit points are clearly marked. Although it can be challenging to estimate the number of attendees, it’s important to have additional employees, including security professionals, on duty. 

It also gives advice on what to do during the event, such as repeating rules and maintaining open communication lines with customers and employees. Considering that accidents or emergencies can happen at large events, it also teaches your staff members first aid basics and where the first aid kits are located. Similarly, the course talks about the importance of letting your local police and fire departments know about the event in case of an emergency. 

Assembling staff in a classroom for a sit-down training program can be difficult these days due to the ongoing pandemic or the nature of the job. Since this course may be taken at any time, anywhere, on both PCs and mobile devices, SC Training (formerly EdApp) makes the ideal training partner for your teams. This course is also completely editable; you can add branding and information particular to your event and organization to make it your own.

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Certificate: Available (proof of learning)


  • Planning for the big event
  • Event preparation 
  • During event
  • Handling emergencies and course review

Created By SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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Informa Event Safety Training Course - Event Safety & Security Management

2. Event Safety & Security Management

The next event safety training course on this list is Informa’s Event Safety & Security Management course. Some countries don’t have event-specific regulations, so it can be hard to determine what is a “safe event”. Luckily, this course provides your workers with tried and proven, internationally accepted guidelines that they can follow to have a safe and secure event. 

Your teams will learn how to design and build an event, identify different types of event risks and hazards, select competent suppliers, and document key information. Also, they’ll know how to estimate crowd sizes and monitor crowd behavior. Your teams will take exercises that will show them what crowds look like before they become uncontrollable and how they can control the situation. Similarly, they’ll dive deep into handling emergency situations and how to deal with them. 

Cost: 1,925 USD

Certificate: Available (digital badge) 


  • Risk assessment
  • Event safety documentation 
  • Identifying and eliminating event hazards
  • Crowd management and monitoring
  • Handling emergencies

Created by Informa 

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Event Safety Alliance Event Safety Training Course - Event Safety Access Training

3. Event Safety Access Training

If you need an online entry-level event safety training course for your teams, then Event Safety Alliance’s Event Safety Access Training program is ideal. In eight chapters, your teams will address health and safety concepts, roles and responsibilities on the job site, OSHA regulations, and personal protective equipment (PPE). Additionally, they’ll discuss typical event-related hazards and controls and issues related to crowds and severe weather. 

The interactive training course is filled with relevant and engaging text and video content from global experts. Your workers will also receive quizzes and a comprehensive exam at the end to help reinforce key concepts and information. One thing to take note of however is that the course is only available for 30 days from your purchase date.  

Cost: 9.95 USD

Certificate: Available (competency credential) 


  • Health and safety concepts
  • Safety roles and responsibilities 
  • OSHA guidelines
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Event health, injury, and operational hazards and controls

Created by Event Safety Alliance

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G. Keith Still Event Safety Training Course

4. Fundamentals of Crowd Safety

Fundamentals of Crowd Safety by G. Keith Still aims to give its learners insight into the causes of crowd-related disasters and their prevention. The course covers the basics of crowd science and relevant risk analysis tools and their applications for planning and managing places of public assemblies. Uniquely, it also covers the topic of media reporting and its possible risks. 

The course has 12 modules and two additional modules that provide a summary of the course and a final assessment. Your workers would need to get a score above 80% to pass and receive their certificate. 

Cost: £150

Certificate: Available (proof of learning)


  • Crowd dynamics, modeling, and counting
  • Control room information
  • Queuing systems
  • RAMP, Crowd risk, event egress, and strategic and tactical analysis
  • Emergency situations

Created by G. Keith Still

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The Event Tutor Event Safety Training Course - Event Safety: 6 Steps to organize a safer event or festival

5. Event Safety: 6 steps to organise a safer event or festival

This free event safety training course by The Event Tutor is for current and aspiring event planners, event managers, or event organizers. Your learners will receive over 30 lectures, several hours of content, interviews, and even an opportunity to chat 1-on-1 with the instructor. They’ll also have access to interviews with industry experts who were in charge of the Burning Man, Insomniac, and Glastonbury Festival events. 

By the end of this course, your workers would have a better understanding of event planning, event site surveys, event design, risk assessments, first aid, signage, and more. To help them reach this outcome, they’ll be given practical exercises to apply the skills and knowledge learned throughout this program. 

Cost: Free

Certificate: None


  • Risk assessment
  • Medical support and first aid
  • The well-being of your audience
  • Responsibility as an event planner
  • Industry expert interviews

Created by The Event Tutor

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Backstage Academy Event Safety Training Course - Even Safety Passport Online

6. Event Safety Passport Online

Event Safety Passport Online by Backstage Academy is a recognized qualification by the Production Services Association (PSA) and the Safety Pass Alliance (SPA) in the UK. This program is designed to help reduce risks in an event environment and ensure that your workers can operate safely, no matter what their role. After successfully completing the course, they’ll receive a passport with validity for 5 years. 

Cost: Contact for price

Certificate: Available (valid for 5 years) 


  • Organizing for Safety
  • The Workplace
  • Tool, Plant & Machinery
  • Health and the environment
  • Procedures

Created by Backstage Academy 

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Crowd Safety Training Event Safety Training Course - Level 5 Award in Crowd Safety (RQF)

7. Level 5 Award in Crowd Safety Management (RQF)

Crowd Safety Training’s Level 5 Award in Crowd Safety Management (RQF) covers the principles and applications of crowd safety management, crowd science, and risk analysis. The course draws on over 30 years of experience and research by Crowd Safety Managers responsible for some of the world’s leading events. So, rest assured your teams are guaranteed to receive high-quality training. 

Here, your workers will be introduced to different case studies and events. This includes how and when your crowd reaches critical density and how the effects of design, information, and workforce management tools influence crowd behavior. By the end of this course, it’s expected that your learners will have a better understanding of crowd risk analysis, crowd movement, crowd flow, and crowd safety. 

Cost: Contact for price

Certificate: Available (proof of learning)


  • Crowd risk analysis
  • Crowd movement
  • Event and crowd modeling
  • Crowd flow

Created by Crowd Safety Training

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University of Cumbrian Event Safety Training Course - Event Safety Management and Site Design

8. Event Safety Management and Site Design

This part-time short course offered by the University of Cumbria was developed as a response to the changing legislation that deals with the management of events. Here, your learners will gain expertise in the key areas of licensing and site design. This course is also delivered by industry experts that help the government and the industry on how to design and implement safety within the active event space. 

All assessments given in this course are applied in the industry, allowing your learners to embed understanding of legislation, health and safety, and site design in a real-world context. However, this course requires face-to-face participation, which might not be possible for some since some parts of the world is still strict with their international travel guidelines. 

Cost: £1,060

Certificate: Available (professional certification)


  • Site evaluation and assessment
  • Event safety plan
  • Relevant legislation

Created by University of Cumbria

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OSHAcademy Event Safety Training Course - School Safety: Athletics supervision

9. School Safety: Athletics Supervision

One OSHA online training course that can also work as an event safety training course is OSHAcademy’s School Safety: Athletics Supervision program. Different from the other courses on this list, this course focuses on events held in schools. Here, your learners will discuss different types of sports-related safety like coaching safety, weight room safety, and general athletic event safety. 

Some other topics covered in this course are medical emergencies and injuries like concussions, heat stroke, and sudden cardiac arrest. Also included are discussions on bleacher safety and hazards and lighting safety precautions. 

Cost: Free

Certificate: Available (paid certification and proof of learning) 


  • Athletic event safety 
  • Medical emergencies
  • Maintenance and supervision concerns
  • Lighting safety precautions

Created by OSHAcademy

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Event Safety Training Course - OSHA First Aid Training and Standards

10. OSHA First Aid Training and Standards

SC Training (formerly EdApp) has created this user-friendly course for teams looking for a program that adheres to OSHA safety rules and covers first aid in depth. This event safety training course explains the value of providing first aid and abiding by OSHA safety regulations as well as the appropriate reactions and consequences involved if you decide not to.

This training course covers the OSHA First Aid Standard, which mandates that a workplace always have first aid professionals on hand in the event that emergency medical assistance isn't nearby. For dealing with abrupt cardiac arrest, it also has OSHA CPR Standards. Finally, exposure to bloodborne pathogens is covered in this training to help protect against infection in the event that a victim sustains cuts or scrapes.

If you want to assess your team members’ skills on the job and track their progress, then SC Training (formerly EdApp) can help. There’s no need for paper checklists or spreadsheets anymore. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Practical Assessments feature automatically tracks results in the admin experience along with your other SC Training (formerly EdApp) training analytics. So you can monitor your team member’s progress all in one place.

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Certificate: Available (proof of learning)


  • OSHA standards
  • Health risks
  • Appropriate first aid responses

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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Protect your customers effectively by enrolling your event teams in event safety training courses

A lot of things can happen at events, so it’s important that event teams should be prepared for any type of outcome. There’s always a chance for accidents to occur, as well as bad weather or any other circumstance that’s not up to the team’s control. But with enough preparation and event safety training, your teams can become knowledgeable and skilled enough to handle any type of problem.  

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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