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10 HI Forklift Training Courses

We’ve curated a list of HI forklift training courses that tackle topics such as pre-operation checks, hazard awareness, forklift maintenance, OSHA forklift safety standards, and more. These courses are designed to help forklift operators in Honolulu gain the knowledge and skills required to handle forklift machines safely. 

HI Forklift Training Courses
Last published: 6th May 2024
SC Training (formerly EdApp) HI Forklift Training Course - Forklift Operation Safety

HI Forklift Training Course #1 - Forklift Operation Safety

The Forklift Operation Safety course by SC Training (formerly EdApp) guides forklift operators and warehouse workers in Honolulu on safe forklift practices. In a nutshell, it talks about pre-operation procedures, load handling, traveling and maneuvering, and emergency response. The first lesson breaks down different pre-operation guidelines, including visual checks, operational checks, hazard awareness, cleanliness, and proper maintenance. 

This HI forklift training course then discusses the different ways to mount, dismount, start, and stop a forklift, including rules for driving, turning, and reversing. By the end of the training program, your workers will learn about the methods used to handle loads safely and what steps they need to take in case of forklift tip-overs. 

What’s great about SC Training (formerly EdApp) is that you can take advantage of features like Rapid Refresh and Practical Assessments to track your workers’ forklift training progress. Group training is another cool feature of this company training software that lets you skip the attendance sheet and track in-person training attendance and compliance.

Cost: Free


  • Pre-operation
  • Traveling & maneuvering
  • Load handling

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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Forklifttraining.com HI Forklift Training Course - OSHA Compliant Forklift Certification Training for Your Operator

HI Forklift Training Course #2 - OSHA Compliant Forklift Certification Training for Your Operator

With Forkliftraining.com’s HI forklift training course, there’s no need to attend classroom-type training sessions. All you need to do is jump online and you’ll be able to learn about the different lift truck regulations under Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 29 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 1910.178 and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) B56.1. These rules and standards make sure that the forklift operators in Honolulu are able to handle different types of forklift trucks safely. 

At the end of every lesson, workers will need to pass a quiz before they can progress to the next one. Those who can successfully finish the course will be awarded a training completion certificate and digital credentials. 

Cost: 59 USD


  • OSHA 29 CFR 1910.178 Standard
  • ANSI B56.1 Standard
  • CSA B335-15 Safety Standard

Created by Forklifttraining.com

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J.J. Keller Training HI Forklift Training Course - Forklift Training

HI Forklift Training Course #3 - Forklift Training

J.J. Keller developed their Forklift Training course to help forklift operators comply with the training requirements under OSHA’s Powered Industrial Trucks Standard (1910.178(l)). More specifically, this HI forklift training course discusses the proper methods for choosing, inspecting, and operating a forklift, allowing workers to protect themselves and others from potential forklift hazards. Compared to other heavy equipment safety training programs, it also delves into topics like equipment basics, inspections, operating procedures, and maintenance. 

This training program can be used as an introductory course for beginner forklift operators or as a refresher training course for more experienced workers. The best part about training through J.J. Keller’s platform is that you can opt to use their EyeCue Visual Learning System, which helps improve knowledge retention rates.

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  • Equipment basics
  • Equipment inspections
  • Operating procedures
  • Maintaining your forklift

Created by J.J. Keller Training

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BIStrainer HI Forklift Training Course - Sit-down Forklift Pre-shift Inspection

HI Forklift Training Course #4 - Sit-down Forklift Pre-shift Inspection

BIStrainer designed this HI forklift training course as part of their Mobile Equipment Pre-Shift Inspection Series. It aims to help workers understand the basics of pre-shift inspections for counterbalanced forklifts. As your forklift operators go through the course, they’ll learn more about the importance of pre-operational inspections, visual inspection requirements, and operational inspection procedures. 

The entire training program only takes 10 minutes to finish and a final of 80% to pass. Although compared to other online forklift training courses, this program isn’t designed for mobile devices so keep in mind that it can only be accessed using desktops or laptops.

Cost: Free


  • The importance of pre-operational inspections
  • Visual inspection requirements
  • Operational inspection procedures

Created by BIStrainer

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Liftow Formation HI Forklift Training Course - Forklift Refresher Training

HI Forklift Training Course #5 - Forklift Refresher Training

Created by Liftow Formation, the Forklift Refresher Training course features comprehensive lessons about OSHA standards and forklift safety procedures used by experienced forklift operators in the general industry. Some of the topics covered in this 4-hour online course include the basic principles of lift truck design, pre-shift inspection, truck operation, and pedestrian awareness. It also talks about the different forklift fuel sources, which include batteries and propane. While this HI forklift training course isn’t free, it’s been designed specifically for easy blended learning with both online lessons and practical evaluations. 

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  • Basic principles of lift truck design
  • Parts of a truck/pre-shift inspection
  • Truck operation
  • Pedestrian awareness
  • Fuel source (battery and propane)

Created by Liftow Formation

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Toyota Forklift HI Forklift Training Course - Forklift Training for Safety and Certification

HI Forklift Training Course #6 - Forklift Training for Safety and Certification

Designed by Toyota Forklift, the Forklift Training for Safety and Certification course gives workers a general overview of safe forklift operation and maintenance. It delves into important topics like OSHA and CCOHS regulations, vehicle inspections, safety equipment, safety accessories, site safety survey, and battery safety. 

Aside from helping your workers become more confident in their forklift handling skills, this training program will also help them increase the longevity of their equipment and reduce maintenance costs. They’ll also be more at ease knowing that they can keep both themselves and their coworkers safe when maneuvering the machine. 

Cost: Request a quote


  • OSHA and CCOHS regulations
  • Safe handling of equipment and accessories
  • Vehicle inspections
  • Battery safety and maintenance

Created by Toyota Forklift

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Forklift Academy HI Forklift Training Course - Individual Forklift Certification

HI Forklift Training Course #7 - Individual Forklift Certification

Train your forklift operators online and help them become fully certified with Forklift Academy’s Individual Forklift Certification course. It primarily focuses on helping workers understand OSHA’s forklift safety rules and regulations. The HI forklift training course also touches on the usage of a daily inspection checklist to ensure that all equipment types are properly inspected and maintained at all times. 

Once your workers have completed the training program, they’ll be given a written assessment and practical driving test to make sure that they’ve acquired the necessary forklift knowledge and skills. Upon completion of the assessments, they’ll then be allowed to operate different types of lifting equipment, including forklift trucks, electric motor rider trucks, high lift trucks, and pallet trucks. One huge perk is that your workers can take the test as many times as they want without having to pay additional fees.

Cost: 49.50 USD


  • OSHA Accepted Forklift Training and evaluation
  • Daily inspection checklist
  • Different types of forklift equipment

Created by Forklift Academy

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HSI HI Forklift Training Course - Forklift Operator

HI Forklift Training Course #8 - Forklift Operator

With HSI’s Forklift Operator course, your workers will learn how to handle forklift equipment safely in just five lessons. The first part of the training program focuses on the fundamentals of forklift operation and proper inspection and maintenance of equipment. It then talks about the different load-handling methods that your forklift operators can use to move loads more efficiently. 

The final section of this HI forklift training course touches on safe driving techniques as well as the importance of stability and capacity in reducing forklift accidents and tip-overs. You can use this course to train not just your forklift operators but also any worker in your company who will be working near forklifts. 



  • Fundamentals
  • Inspection and maintenance
  • Load handling
  • Safe driving
  • Stability and capacity

Created by HSI

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OSHAcademy HI Forklift Training Course - Basic Forklift Safety

HI Forklift Training Course #9 - Basic Forklift Safety

OSHAcademy offers the Basic Forklift Safety course to equip workers with the knowledge to handle forklifts safely. It kicks off with an introduction to safety hazards, precautions, and requirements within OSHA 1910.178. It then goes over the different forklift components that allow forklifts to lift and move heavy loads efficiently. The course also includes lessons on proper loading, lifting, unloading, traveling, inspection, and maintenance. Although this 1-hour course is free for use and easily accessible, you’ll only be able to get a certification if you pass the final assessment and pay an additional 15.99 to 27.99 USD.

Cost: Free (requires an additional 15.99 to 27.99 USD for certification)


  • Safety hazards and precautions
  • OSHA 1910.178 requirements
  • Forklift components
  • Loading, lifting, and unloading
  • Traveling and inspections

Created by OSHAcademy

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OSHA Education Center HI Forklift Training Course - OSHA Forklift Certification Course

HI Forklift Training Course #10 - OSHA Forklift Certification Course

With OSHA Education Center’s OSHA Forklift Certification Course, you can give your workers relevant forklift operation knowledge and employee safety training. The lessons tackle topics such as forklift basics, types of forklifts, operation, hazards, inspection and maintenance, and regulations. Your workers will also gain a better understanding of different load handling and traveling techniques. By the end of this HI forklift training course, your workers will be able to operate different types of forklifts, including everything from Class I to Class VII equipment. 

The biggest advantage of this platform is that your workers can reach out directly to OSHA Education Center’s course trainers if they have any questions related to the course. But do keep in mind that once learners begin their online training, they’ll only have 180 days to complete the whole course.

Cost: 49 USD


  • Forklift basics
  • Types of forklifts
  • Operation 
  • Hazards
  • Inspection and maintenance
  • Regulations

Created by OSHA Education Center

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Help HI workers gain basic forklift knowledge with HI forklift training courses

Thousands of people get injured every year due to forklift accidents, which are usually the result of subpar forklift safety protocols. If you manage a team of forklift operators in Hawaii, it’s important to comply with OSHA standards on forklift safety and give your workers the necessary HI forklift training they need. Through proper training, your workers will learn how to safely handle, inspect, and maintain forklifts, ensuring that they avoid potentially hazardous mistakes on the job. To help you get started, we've listed down some of the most relevant HI forklift training courses that can equip your workers with the fundamental knowledge and skills they’ll need to operate forklifts competently.

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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