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10 Information Security Programs

Data breaches are becoming alarmingly common. So, it’s up to you and your team to guard  valuable company information. To help you and your staff be cyber-secure, we’ve researched the best information security programs you can integrate into your cyber security training.

Information Security Programs
Last published: 6th May 2024
SC Training (formerly EdApp) Information Security Program - Cyber Security

1. Cyber Security by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Learn the foundations of cyber security with this information security program by SC Training (formerly EdApp). It’s a comprehensive course with eight valuable lessons on key cybersecurity topics. Eight lessons may seem like a lot, but SC Training (formerly EdApp) courses are designed with microlearning in mind, making the lessons engaging and easy to digest. Each lesson also includes interactive elements while accessible through any device.

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Cyber Security takes you through the core of cyber security: cyber attacks. It’s critical to know the attackers' goal to help your team identify the kind of cyber attack and how to combat it. These tie in with the following lessons on preventing unwanted software access, data safety practices, and avoiding social engineering/phishing. The last few lessons focus on password safety, safe internet use, and safe email practices. 

By learning the kinds of cyber attacks and data breaches, you’ll be able to prepare your team for better information management strategies. You can rest easy knowing that your team’s well-informed about information security.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) is also a learning management system, which means if you choose to deliver this course to your team, you can easily keep up with compliance regulations and standards. 

  • Cost: Free
  • Scope: cyber security basics, data safety practices, password management, phishing, safe internet use, document management strategies

Created By SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Information Security Program - Cyber Security Awareness

2. Cyber Security Awareness by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Now, the previous SC Training (formerly EdApp) course runs through the basics of cyber security. But, this information security program dives a little deeper. It can be seen as a complementary course that tackles more specific cyber threats. 

Learn all about injection attacks, broken authentication, cross-site scripting, and many other common cyber attacks your team can encounter on the job. The course is up to date with the latest in cyber security knowledge so you can be sure your staff is equipped with the best security measures. For example, there’s a lesson on how to secure access control to your websites through virtual private networks (VPNs) and other preventive measures against sensitive data exposure.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) has built-in reports and analytics which allow you to monitor your learner’s progress, identify knowledge gaps, and even send push notifications and emails. This is perfect for making sure your team is complying with all of your cyber security measures.

  • Cost: Free
  • Scope: injection attacks, broken authentication, cross-site scripting, broken access control, cross-site request forgery, underprotected APIs

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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Skillshare Information Security Program - The Absolute Beginners Guide to Information Security

3. The Absolute Beginners Guide to Information Security by Skillshare

Skillshare created an extensive three-part course on (almost) everything you need to know about information security. The course is a whopping eight-hour information security program that answers every question you and your team may have about data and information. It tackles everything from factor authentication to the Cambridge Analytica Scandal. The instructor, Alexander Oni is an expert in cyber security programs online and has been teaching for three years. 

Skillshare’s program is comprehensive but lengthy, so make sure to consider this if you’re to offer this as part of your training curriculum.

  • Cost: Free trial, paid subscription
  • Scope: factor authentication, IP and MAC addresses, HTTP+, Encryption attacks, email basics, cyber threats, Facebook and the Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Created by Skillshare

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Coursera Information Security Program - Certified in Cybersecurity Specialization

4. Certified in Cybersecurity Specialization by Coursera

If your team wants certification for proficiency in cybersecurity, this is the information security program for you. Coursera has built a course aimed to equip them with a foundational knowledge of industry terminology for upskill purposes. Each of the courses includes an applied learning project that will require them to put knowledge into practice. Aside from this, the program features shareable course readings, videos, and even practice quizzes and assignments.

  • Cost: Available upon sign-up 
  • Scope: foundational industry terminology, security operations and policies, security information technology, security best practices

Created by Coursera

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Alison Information Security Program - User Information Security Principles: 10 Tips for a Secure Practice

5. User Information Security Principles: 10 Tips for a Secure Practice by Alison

Alison has compiled a practical information security program that you can apply into your cybersecurity training. The course aims to give an analysis of cyber attacks to better explain how you can fight against security threats. The modules include in-depth knowledge of data protection, password protection, encryption, and more. The course delves deep into common responsibilities or how we can collectively defend against cybercriminals.

Alison delivers a training certificate upon completion of the course. But do take note that it’s recommended to take a basic computer science knowledge course before taking this one. 

  • Cost: Free, paid certification 
  • Scope: data protection, data backups, password protection, multi-factor authentication, common responsibility, encryption and authenticity, security risks, counterfeit sources

Created by Alison

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Springboard Information Security Program - Foundations of Cybersecurity

6. Foundations of Cybersecurity by Springboard

Springboard has an information security program that examines the security field as a whole. It will take them through security information technology fundamentals such as the cybersecurity theories and concepts and the tools and designs of information security. Cryptography will also be tackled here, like public-key infrastructure. It’s quite a chunky course with nearly 40 resources across nine core modules. 

Do know that it’s an entire curriculum, so manage the expectations of your learners. This isn’t a quick and digestible program that can be sat in at any time. 

  • Cost: Available upon request
  • Scope: security fundamentals, cryptography, penetration testing

Created by Springboard

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 SC Training (formerly EdApp) Information Security Program - Cybersecurity & Internal Threats

7. Cybersecurity & Internal Threats by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

This SC Training (formerly EdApp) information security program focuses on internal threats such as possible cyber-attacks that are either intended or unintended by people from your organization. It’s a crucial topic if you want to build strong data protection policies for your company’s data. 

The first lesson is a refresher course on key cybersecurity knowledge like common cyber attacks. Unintended cyber attacks due to negligence are a key lesson in this course. This lesson will keep your team aware of their role to play in cybersecurity. The program also details preventive measures and practical steps you and your team can take now to improve your security. 

Now that we’ve listed quite a few SC Training (formerly EdApp) courses, it’s a good time to mention that SC Training (formerly EdApp) courses have a spaced repetition feature. This just means that the program repeats unlearned concepts to your learner. It will automatically create lessons with previously shown content and repeat it regularly. So your learner can focus on the concepts that aren’t sticking.

  • Cost: Free
  • Scope: internal threats, malicious and negligent internal threats, risks assessment, company data protection, information security management system

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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edX Information Security Program - Unlocking Information Security

8. Unlocking Information Security by edX

Unlocking Information Security by edX is a full information security program taught by two expert instructors from Tel Aviv University with extensive experience in the field. For three months (4-6 hours a week) your learners can gain knowledge of cryptographic concepts and tools, mitigation techniques, principles of secure computer systems, and more. 

The program puts a prime on understanding the mindset of defenders and attackers of information systems. Although it’s self-paced, it’s still quite a heavy course, so make sure your learners are willing to commit to the program.

  • Cost: 268.20 USD
  • Scope: main concepts and technologies of cyber security, secure computer systems, operational vulnerabilities, how to identify and make informed decisions on information security, cyber attacker and defender mindset

Created by edX

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Cisco Networking Academy Information Security Program - Introduction to Cybersecurity

9. Introduction to Cybersecurity by Cisco Networking Academy

Billions of new devices are now online and technology is advancing at an exponential rate. Cybercrime is more rampant. The Cisco Networking Academy created an information security program on all they need to know about cyber security. It’s a personalized course that tackles cybersecurity trends relevant to users. If you want your learners to take security seriously even outside of the office, this course also tackles the essentials of personal digital privacy.

  • Cost: Available upon request
  • Scope: impacts of cybersecurity, common threats, vulnerabilities, attacks, latest job trends and impact of security threats

Created by Cisco Networking Academy

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Information Security Program - Be a Scam Scanner

10. Be a Scam Scanner by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Now this course is different from all of the other information security programs on this list. Be a Scam Scanner by SC Training (formerly EdApp) tackles one of the most effective information security threats, scams. As technology advances, so do scams. The program tackles cyber and non-cyber scams because, at their core, scams follow the same patterns and principles.

Through interactive media and real-life examples, SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Be a Scam Scanner will take your team through the most common retail scams like sweethearting, card fraud, and more. With the knowledge of retail scams in mind, they’ll be able to see how technology and the internet have globalized these common scams. 

After they’ve familiarized themselves with the common patterns, the final lesson will offer ways they can avoid scammers outright. For example, they can use apps or services that screen your calls. It also includes tips on how to research the legitimacy of a business they may be contacting. The course is short, sweet, and everything your team will need for their anti-scam toolbelt.

  • Cost: Free
  • Scope: cyber and non-cyber scams, sneaky apps on the app store, common internet scams, common retail scams, credit card fraud

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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Keep yourself cyber-secure with these information security programs 

Information technology is exponentially advancing, and so is cybercrime. It’s critical that you’re equipped with the most up-to-date cybersecurity safety measures. Protect data, information, and assets with information security programs designed to teach you effective practices.

Check out this information security programs list we’ve created for you and get cyber secure today.

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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