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10 Risk Assessment Courses

Risk assessments can help you and your teams keep up with changes in the organization by building better awareness and having a method for managing dangers to health and safety. We’ve gathered a list of some of the best risk assessment courses out there to equip you and your teams with the necessary skills to maintain a safe and productive workplace.

Risk Assessment Courses
Last published: 6th May 2024
SC Training (formerly EdApp) Risk Assessment Courses - Risk Assessment (for Manufacturing)

1. Risk Assessment (for Manufacturing)

There are many risks in the manufacturing industry, such as supply chain interruptions, product liabilities, general workplace safety, and more. That’s why it’s essential to conduct risk assessments regularly if you’re working in manufacturing. Risk Assessment by SC Training (formerly EdApp) can teach you and your team the fundamentals of this topic in a matter of minutes.

In just three short interactive lessons, you and your teams will learn the importance of risk assessments, identify the different risks and hazards in your workplace, and know how to analyze and evaluate them. Similarly, you’ll learn when to inspect your workplace, when to conduct risk assessments, and how to use risk matrixes. 

This risk assessment course gets you and your learners to engage with the learning process by having native smartphone elements like swipe, drag-and-drop, and matching type. You can even motivate your teams to complete their training by giving them real prizes. Use lesson leaderboards to show who are the best performers and let them win rewards for their achievements.    

Cost: Free

Certification: Available (serves as proof of learning) 


  • The importance of risk assessments
  • Risk and hazard identification
  • Risk analysis and evaluation

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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IHASCO Risk Assessment Courses - Risk Assessment Training

2. Risk Assessment Training

IHASCO’s Risk Assessment Training teaches you and your teams what risk assessments are and when to perform them. This training course is broken down into three sections discussing workplace hazards and risks, the five steps to risk assessment, and the different risk assessment tools. After taking this course, you and your teams will have a better understanding of the benefits of comprehensive risk assessments and show compliance with primary legislation.

This course is also available for machine translation in 36 other languages. If you’re sharing this course with your teams, they will need to answer a 15-question multiple-choice test to get certified. This way, you can assure that your learners have embedded knowledge into their long-term memory. 

Cost: Free trial, request a quote

Certification: Available (CPD certified and IOSH approved)


  • Hazards and risks
  • The 5 steps to risk assessment
  • Risk assessment tools

Created by IHASCO

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Alison Risk Assessment Courses - Hazard Recognition and Risk Assessment

3. Hazard Recognition and Risk Assessment

The Hazard Recognition and Risk Assessment course by Alison will teach you and your teams everything about essential health and safety procedures. Consisting of four modules and a final course assessment, there will be an introduction to hazard recognition and risk assessment, including a brief lesson on smartphone safety. Included in the lessons are also risk assessment charts, job hazard alert forms, safety checklists, and hazard logs.

After completing this course, you and your teams will be able to identify hazards in the workplace and assign probabilities to them, prepare risk assessments, and describe the hierarchy of controls. Paid certification is available on Alison and serves as proof of learning. 

Cost: Free

Certification: Paid certification (serves as proof of learning)


  • Introduction to hazard recognition and risk assessment
  • Hazard recognition and risk assessment tools
  • Smartphone safety

Created by Alison

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High Speed Training Risk Assessment Course - Risk Assessment Training

4. Risk Assessment Training

Risk Assessment Training by High Speed Training is a course designed to help businesses comply with UK legislation, specifically the Management of Health and Safety Regulations 1999. In two hours, it will discuss the key steps of a risk assessment, such as identifying risks, managing hazards, and determining the chances of harm. Additionally, you and your team will learn about the legal responsibilities involved in risk assessments, the methods for carrying out effective risk assessments, and the importance of reviewing them. 

This course is regularly updated as well to stay legally accurate and in line with any changes recently made. This course is also accredited and approved by CPD and IIRSM, and you and your employees will receive a  certificate of completion the next working day. 

Cost: £30

Certification: Available (approved by CPD and IIRSM)


  • Introduction to risk assessment
  • Legal responsibility
  • Carrying out and reviewing effective risk assessments
  • Hierarchy of control

Created by High Speed Training

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Safeti Risk Assessment Course - Risk Assessment Training Course

5. Risk Assessment Training Course

Safeti’s Risk Assessment Training Course is available for free and can be completed in one hour.  Here, you and your workers will be introduced to the concepts of health and safety, as well as be given an understanding of the different types of hazards and risks. Together, you’ll learn the different ways how risks in the workplace can be prevented and managed.

After each module, you and your learners will be given quizzes and challenges to test the level of their understanding of the material. The course is taught by Richard Collins, an IOSH-approved health practitioner and OSHCR registered consultant, so you can be assured that you and your teams are learning from an industry expert.

Cost: Free

Certification: Available (serves as proof of learning)


  • Introduction to health and safety
  • Understanding hazards and risk
  • Managing risk

Created by Safeti

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Safetyhub Risk Assessment Course - Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Training

6. Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Training

This next risk assessment course is Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Training provided by Safetyhub. Through this course, you and your workers will gain awareness of what controlling hazards can mean to the individual and the organization. This course also aims to improve the ability to recognize hazards, give an understanding of the importance of personal protective equipment (PPE), and list down ways how to properly evaluate risks. 

This course is presented as a 13-minute video and comes with a 10-part multiple-choice quiz to gauge the level of understanding. A certificate is also given upon completion. However, this course isn’t available on its own. If you and your teams want access to the course and other accident investigations training courses, then you’d need to subscribe to Safetyhubs services. 

Cost: Requires a Safetyhub subscription

Certification: Available (serves as proof of learning)


  • Recognition of workplace hazards
  • Evaluation of risks
  • Methods of hazard control and PPE

Created by Safetyhub

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MOTIF Risk Assessment Course - Introduction to Risk Assessment

7. Introduction to Risk Assessment

Hosted on the educational platform MOTIF, Introduction to Risk Assessment is a beginner-entry level course that provides learners with the foundation of risk management. The course opens with a list of universally accepted terminology and definitions, the five-step process, and how this information can be practically applied. This is all discussed in two interactive modules and assessments. 

This course is unique since fashion industry experts developed it. Although, it can be taken by professionals that work in facilities and factories, as well as those who work in relevant health and safety departments. 

Cost: 60 USD

Certification: Available (WRAP Certificate of Completion)


  • The basics of risk assessment
  • Risk assessment steps

Created by MOTIF

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ACAMS Risk Assessment Course - Risk Assessment

8. Risk Assessment

Learn to better face the daily challenges of changing business environments and regulatory requirements with this Risk Assessment course by ACAMS. In this online course, you and your teams will learn how to examine the process for risk assessment and how to use it to find gaps in your controls. This course lasts for four weeks and can be taken on either mobile or desktop. While the course is mostly self-paced, there will also be two 90-minute live virtual classroom sessions. 

This course is intended for compliance officers, risk managers, board members, and technology officers. While you will get a globally-recognized certification, the course is quite expensive, starting from 595 USD for ACAMS members and 795 USD for non-members.  

Cost: 595 USD for members, 795 USD for non-members

Certification: Available 


  • Process for risk assessment
  • Find gaps in your internal controls
  • Building a risk assessment for your organization

Created by ACAMS

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RoSPA Risk Assessment Course - Risk Assessment

9. Risk Assessment

RoSPA’s Risk Assessment course will empower your organization to comply with the legal requirement to carry out “suitable and sufficient” risk assessments. While this course has no formal assessment, you and your team will still receive certification upon completion. The course gives an introduction to the objectives and five stages of risk assessment, as well as a list of legal requirements, hazards, risks, and practical exercises.

RoSPA emphasizes practical exercises so that you and your workers can get most of the benefits from active learning like increased knowledge retention. They also proved flexible study options, so picking the method of learning that works best for everyone is possible.

Cost: £280

Certification: Available (CPD-certified)


  • Objectives of risk assessment
  • Five stages of risk assessment
  • Legal requirements
  • Hazards and risks

Created by Created by RoSPA

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Risk Assessment Course - Managing Risk

10. Managing Risk

The last risk assessment course on this list is Managing Risk. Hosted on the training software SC Training (formerly EdApp), this course consists of nine microlessons and covers a range of topics from risk assessment, risk treatments, and communication and consultation. You and your learners will also learn how to monitor and review risks and how to record and report on them properly. 

With SC Training (formerly EdApp), there’s no need to fight short attention spans or conflicting schedules. If you’re sharing its microlearning courses with your teams, they will get to interact with highly-targeted lessons that they can easily digest. Retaining key concepts you need them to understand is also more likely. SC Training (formerly EdApp) courses can also be completed in minutes, saving your organization time and money. 

Cost: Free

Certification: Available (serves as proof of learning)


  • Risk assessment
  • Communication and consultation
  • Scope, context, and criteria
  • Risk treatment
  • Monitoring, reviewing, recording, and reporting

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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Keep your organization and workers safe and well informed by enrolling them in risk assessment courses

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, workplace health and safety are essential. Follow due diligence and bring awareness of regulatory compliance and legal requirements to your teams by signing them up for risk assessment courses. Whether someone is a manager or subordinate doesn’t matter, everyone in the workplace plays a role in making sure the work is both safe and productive, so make sure that everyone does their part. 

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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