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10 Fire Safety Training Courses

Being prepared to prevent and deal with fire hazards is something that both low-risk and high-risk workplaces should be ready for. We've handpicked a list of fire safety training courses that will equip employees with the skills and knowledge to act out fire prevention procedures and action plans designed for offices, manufacturing sites, ships, labs, and even homes. Read on to learn more.

Fire Safety Training
Last published: 7th May 2024
SC Training (formerly EdApp) Fire Safety Training Course - Fire Safety

1. Fire Safety

Introduce the basics of fire safety to your employees with this free course from the educational platform, SC Training (formerly EdApp). This four-lesson course covers the components of the Fire Triangle and protocols for fire safety that can be applied in offices and even construction sites. Also, employees will learn how to use different kinds of fire extinguishers, preparing them for all types of situations. Develop a sense of awareness in your employees and let them discover more about fire hazards and the ways they can be prevented.

This course is available for free and can be edited to better suit your needs. Take advantage of SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s authoring tool to tweak this course, and even add fire prevention strategies that are unique to your company building or business. You can also edit the font, theme, and background, so it matches your company’s branding, as well as add more interactive training slides. 


  • Understanding the fire triangle
  • Establishing workplace fire safety
  • Safety fire precautions in a construction site
  • Learning about fire extinguishers

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Created By SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Fire Safety Training Course - Laser Cutting Safety

2. Laser Cutting Safety

Laser Cutting Safety is a fire safety training course created specifically for the manufacturing industry which is exposed to high risk with fire hazards. The course begins with an introduction to laser cutting which further elaborates to laser light hazards, fire hazards, and air contaminants. It concludes with a comprehensive guideline on personal protective equipment. 

This course is delivered in a mobile learning approach in SC Training (formerly EdApp), making this course easily accessible for manufacturing workers that have no immediate access to desktops. It also uses a microlearning format combined with gamification features to increase learner engagement and course completion.


  • Introduction to laser cutting
  • Laser light hazards
  • Fire hazards
  • Air contaminants
  • Personal Protective Equipment 

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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OSHAcademy Fire Safety Training Course - Fire Prevention Plans

3. Fire Prevention Plans

OSHAcademy offers the Fire Prevention Plans course to equip employees with the knowledge to prevent fire-related injuries. This OSHA based fire safety education course kicks off with ways to identify workplace fire hazards and procedures on preventing them. It then demonstrates the importance and proper usage of fixed extinguishing systems, alarm systems like smoke alarm, and portable fire extinguishers. It also includes a lesson on the different parts of an exit route, as well as its basic requirements. 

The course modules and practice quizzes are available for free. However, certificates are only available for purchase and can only be earned by achieving a passing score in the (open-book) final exam.


  • Controlling hazards
  • Fixed extinguishing systems and employee alarm systems
  • Portable fire extinguishers
  • Exit route requirements

Cost: Free (without certificate), $15.99 USD - $27.99 USD (with certificate)

Created by OSHAcademy

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Alison Fire Safety Training Course - Firefighting Prevention and Equipment on Board Ships

4. Firefighting Prevention and Equipment on Board Ships

The Firefighting Prevention and Equipment on Board Ships course by Alison provides techniques for preventing fire on boarding ships for mariners. This fire safety training course begins with an introduction to fire prevention which discusses causes of fire on board and ways to prevent them. Then, it provides learners with knowledge on using firefighting equipment which is a crucial skill for workers on board. It also includes a guide on fire prevention and firefighting equipment even for smaller vessels. 

By the end of the course, your learners will be able to check their knowledge and understanding with an assessment test that requires a minimum score of 80 percent. While the course is available for free, official certificates are only available for purchase.


  • Fire prevention
  • Firefighting equipment
  • Firefighting equipment on smaller vessels

Cost: Free

Created by Alison

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Universal Class Fire Safety Training Course - Basic Fire Safety

5. Basic Fire Safety

Universal Class offers the Basic Fire Safety training course to equip employees with crucial life-saving skills in preventing and controlling fire. It takes a look at the fire triangle, stages of a fire, and fire behavior. It then elaborates on fire prevention strategies applicable at home or in the workplace. It also prepares learners in dealing with fire incidents which include topics on escaping a fire, evacuation planning, and firefighting procedures.

Lessons are delivered through videos and supplementary articles. It also includes assignments and exams at the end of every lesson to reinforce key information and test knowledge retention. Learners are required to have a minimum of 70 percent as the final grade to earn a certificate. The course is designed for self-paced learning but only within 6 months from purchase.


  • Fire behavior and types of fire
  • Fire prevention for properties, homes, and businesses
  • Dealing with fire incidents

Cost: $50 USD (without certificate), $75 USD (with certificate)

Created by Universal Class

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BIS Safety Software Fire Safety Training Course - Firefighting & Fire Extinguisher Safety

6. Firefighting & Fire Extinguisher Safety

This course by BIS Safety Software is built to inform employees about firefighting procedures and fire extinguisher safety. It explains in detail the different types, classifications, and behaviors of fire and the damage they can cause. As employees go through the lessons, they’ll also learn about the types of fire extinguishers, extinguishing agents, and extinguisher classifications. 

The last part of the training program discusses the procedures for operating a fire extinguisher safely as well as extinguishing techniques for small fires. Overall, this course has a total of 11 modules and comes with a printable 30-page pdf workbook.


  • Fire types
  • Extinguisher classifications
  • Fire extinguisher operation procedures
  • Extinguishing techniques for small fires

Cost: 79.99 USD

Created by BIS Safety Software

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Fire Safety Training Course - Chemical Storage and Handling

7. Chemical Storage and Handling

The Chemical Storage and Handling course by SC Training (formerly EdApp) was created to prevent emergencies such as fire for workplaces that work with chemicals. This course kicks off with guidelines on minimizing chances of hazardous chemical exposures and proper procedures to follow in cases of emergency. Then, it provides basic knowledge in identifying key safety information from a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and understanding the importance of safe chemical storage and transportation, which is a crucial aspect in preventing fire in the workplace. Although specifically focused on chemicals, lessons from this course are essential parts of fire safety training.


  • Working safely with chemicals
  • Understanding safety Data Sheet (SDS) Requirements
  • Safe storage and transportation

Cost: Free

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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OSHAcademy Fire Safety Training Course - Course Laboratory Safety

8. Course Laboratory Safety

The Course Laboratory Safety course by OSHAcademy focuses on eliminating hazards when working with chemicals, which is an important part of the fire safety training of chemical laboratory workers. This course provides awareness of the different chemical hazards in the laboratory, including preventive safety measures. Upon subscription, users can log in and complete the course at their own pace for up to 180 days.


  • Controlling laboratory hazards
  • Chemical hazards in the laboratory
  • Physical hazards

Cost: Free (without certificate), $15.99 USD - $27.99 USD (with certificate)

Created by OSHAcademy

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Alison Fire Safety Training Course - Chemical Safety; Fires and Explosions

9. Chemical Safety; Fires and Explosions

Also available in Alison, Chemical Safety; Fires and Explosions is a fire training course that provides practical knowledge of preventing and dealing with fires and explosions. Its introductory module delves into the characteristics of flammable materials, classifications of explosions, and types of fire extinguishers. The second module discusses fire emergency action plans by further teaching learners about recognizing the appropriate fire extinguishers and fire services for the different types of fires. It also includes various design strategies to prevent fires and explosions, 


  • Introduction to fire and explosions
  • Prevention of fire and explosions
  • Fire emergency action plans

Cost: Free

Created by Alison

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British Safety Council Fire Safety Training Course - Fire Safety - Online Training for Employees

10. Fire Safety

Fire Safety - Online Training for Employees is a fire safety training course offered by the British Safety Council that helps ensure that employees know how to prevent fire incidents in the workplace. The course covers topics such as the causes and principles of workplace fires. It then provides lessons on safety preventive measures in avoiding fire. It also demonstrates different means of escape, emergency arrangements, and kinds of extinguishing fires. And lastly, it equips learners with knowledge in handling situations, such as recognizing a fire and protecting themselves during such incidents. 


  • Introduction to fire
  • Preventive safety measures
  • Classifications of fire and types of firefighting equipment

Cost: £14.25 (excluding VAT)

Created by British Safety Council

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Eliminate fire hazards with fire safety training courses

Fire safety training is an essential part of workplace safety training programs for both high-risk and low-risk environments. It's important that basic knowledge of fire safety is reinforced to employees to ensure compliance with safety protocols and prevent unwanted incidents. To help you create a safe and proactive workplace, we've curated a list of 10 fire safety training courses that will help your employees further understand the importance of fire safety, reinforce preventive safety measures, and develop preparedness in dealing with fire hazards.

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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