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15 Free Forklift Training Courses

We've curated a collection of forklift training courses that you can take for free using a variety of online software providers. Explore below to learn more.

Free Forklift Training Courses
Last published: 7th May 2024
Free Forklift Training Course

1. SC Training, Forklift Operation Safety

The ‘Forklift Operation Safety’ course builds on how to safely operate a forklift from pre-operative checks to maneuvering and load handling. This 3-part course covers all of the essentials for appropriate and safe use of forklifts, including pre-operation, traveling and maneuvering, and load handling.

SC Training is a microlearning platform that will allow your employees to learn workplace safety procedures in small, easy-to-digest increments. This course is one example that contains three lessons, making it simple to comprehend and complete. The content is provided in small bursts, ensuring higher learner engagement and knowledge retention.

Created By SafetyCulture

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Forklift Training -  OSHA Train, Basic Forklift Safety

2. OSHA Train, Basic Forklift Safety

Every year nearly 100 workers are killed and 20,000 are seriously injured in forklift mishaps. This course contains general information about the kinds of forklifts commonly available, the principles of physics that allow a forklift to lift and move heavy loads safely, some basic operator safety rules and safety while servicing a forklift. This course is completely free. Certification, on the other hand, is only available for purchase and can be obtained by passing the final exam. Note that learning about this topic is a fundamental step if you're thinking how to get a forklift license.

Created by OSHA Train

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Free Forklift Training -  XO Safety, Training compilations

3. XO Safety, Training Compilations

There are many different aspects of forklift safety training, from how to drive safely to appropriately taking care of the machine itself. XO Safety hosts a collection of short training videos on a myriad of different topics. These training videos can be used for safety meetings or refresher training and can be integrated with additional resources you may have. Because the lessons are given in video format, you may expect a higher level of engagement from your learners. They are also given the opportunity to acquire new knowledge at their own pace and according to their own learning style.

Created by XO Safety

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Free Forklift Training Course - Forklift Certification Institute, Free training videos

4. Forklift Certification Institute, Free training videos

Similar to XO Safety, the Forklift Certification Institute offers a paid certification that people can opt to take. However, it also provides a host of free videos that anyone can watch if they want to learn more about forklift maintenance, forklift safety, and how to operate and drive a forklift. These videos can be a great starting point for someone new to the industry and want to learn more. To access this free forklift certification course, all you need to do is sign up through their website. You may only obtain a forklift operator certificate once you've passed their final exam.

Created by Forklift Certification Institute

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Free Forklift Certification -  Vivid Learning Systems, Forklift Operator

5. Vivid Learning Systems, Forklift Operator

Forklift mishaps or accidents rank in the top 10 of all OSHA citations. OSHA estimates that over 1 million forklifts are used in workplaces across America which shows how crucial forklift operator training is to worker safety. Forklift accidents are expensive, with serious injuries or fatalities, and damage to goods and machines, which is why forklift operator safety training is crucial to any workplace environment. A lot of forklifts are set up like your basic automobile, with a steering wheel, a foot pedal to accelerate, and four wheels. But there are major differences. In this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of operating a forklift, stability and capacity, and load handling.

This course can be used to train not only your forklift operators, but also the rest of your personnel who will be working near the forklifts. If all your workers are aware of the safety rules, the possibilities of accidents and fatalities will be greatly reduced.

Created by Vivid Learning Systems

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Free Osha Forklift Training -  Keller, Forklift Training

6. Keller, Forklift Training

A forklift is a powered, mechanical device that is used to move or lift loads. Although this seems like a simple task, forklifts can cause serious injury or death if they are misused or if the operator isn’t properly trained on how to use the equipment safely.

This training program helps satisfy the forklift operator training requirements under OSHA’s Powered Industrial Trucks Standard (1910.178(l)). Your team will also know about forklift driver certification requirements. Specifically, it is designed to help learners choose, inspect, and operate a forklift in a safe way, protecting themselves and their coworkers from the potential hazards associated with their use. This program is useful for new or refresher safety training in the event of an incident or near-miss, poor evaluation, or changes in the workplace or type of forklift used.

This course specifically targets new forklift operators, although it can also be used as a refresher for veteran workers. But what's great about this course is that it is enhanced with the EyeCue Visual Learning System, yielding higher learning retention.

Created by Keller

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Free Online Forklift Certification -  BisGroup, Sit

7. BisGroup, Sit-Down Forklift Pre-Shift Inspection

This micro-learning module is part of the Mobile Equipment Pre-Shift Inspection Series. This short course covers the basics of pre-shift inspections for counterbalanced forklifts. Course topics will cover the importance of pre-operational inspections, visual inspection requirements, and operational inspection procedures. Unfortunately, this collection isn’t made for mobile, so training must be done at a desktop. The good news is that this course just takes 10 minutes to finish. To pass this course, you must receive a final score of 80%.

Created by BisGroup

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Free Online Forklift Training -  WorkSafeBC, Fields of Vision

8. WorkSafeBC, Fields of Vision

This free online training resource is best meant for certified forklift workers who may need a refresher on some important safety information. Those with a few years of hands-on experience are more likely to gain the most from this free online training course. This course in particular focuses on the field of vision while driving a forklift, and the limitations the vehicle puts on seeing your surrounding clearly. It is also better suited for desktop learning, meaning that training can’t happen on-the-go.

As this course is delivered in video format, you can expect increased engagement and learning retention from your learners if the content is delivered in video format. Plus, it is ideal for self-paced learning, perfect for the busy schedule of your employees.

Created by WordSafeBC

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Free Forklift Training Video And Test -  Canada Safety Council, Forklift safety

9. Canada Safety Council, Forklift safety

While forklifts offer a practical materials handling solution for many businesses, each year they continue to be associated with workplace deaths and injuries. Forklift incidents can be prevented, especially when employers and workers work together to improve safety and health at work. This course can be done entirely online with forklift training video provided, however, there is a minimal fee that must be paid in order to access the course.

Rest assured that this course complies with the provincial and federal regulations. Although bear in mind that it may or may not meet the specific regulations that your company have. Before placing an order, it's a good idea to double-check first with your organization.

Created by Canada Safety Council

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Online Forklift Certification Free -  Forklift test questions

10. Forklift test questions

Although this isn’t a course per se, another way to see how in-depth your knowledge is on a certain subject is to test yourself. This resource will allow you to see the types of questions that are part of OSHA exams and see how you rank.

Are you interested in workplace training, or even adapting your existing training platform to one of the top LMS platforms? Visit SC Training (formerly EdApp) today to see how they can help. This mobile app is the new standard in eLearning and offers support for microlearning, mobile learning, spaced repetition and gamification. It can be used as your onboarding and refresher material should you find yourself short on resources or time to build training content from scratch. With SafetyCulture's Training, employees will be able to take this assessment through their mobile devices.

Created By SafetyCulture

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Toyota forklift Free Forklift Training Course - Forklift Training for Safety and Certification

11. Forklift Training for Safety and Certification

This forklift training course by Toyota Forklift covers topics that aim to keep both the operators and the people around them safe around this material handling equipment. This includes OSHA and CCOHS regulations, safety handling of equipment and accessories, vehicle inspections, and battery safety and maintenance. Apart from its safety benefits, this training will also help increase the longevity of a forklift and reduce maintenance costs. Because as we all know it, operators that are well-trained are more likely to avoid mistakes that could damage the equipment. This course will also put your forklift operators at ease, as they will know that they are safe when maneuvering this lift machine. As a result, this will help maximize your ROI.

Created by Toyota forklift

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Forklift Academy Free Forklift Training Course - Individual Forklift Certification

12. Individual Forklift Certification

If you're wondering how to get forklift certified, you can take Forklift Academy’s Individual Forklift Certification. This course goes over OSHA’s rules and regulations for safely operating a powered industrial truck, including their daily inspection checklist. It also offers written and driving tests to ensure knowledge retention and review your forklift skills. Upon completion of your training and assessment, you will be allowed to operate different types of this lifting equipment, from electric motor rider trucks to rough terrain forklift trucks. Fret not as you can take the test as many times as you like without having to pay again. Feel free to print your certificate from your own desktop once you've passed your evaluation.

Created by Forklift Academy

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Free Forklift Training Course - OSHA Compliant Forklift Certification Training for Your Operator

13. OSHA Compliant Forklift Certification Training for Your Operator

This forklift training course by Forklifttraining.com comes 100% online, eliminating the hassles of attending classroom-type training classes. The course content is generally based on the rules and regulations under OSHA 29 CFR 1910.178, ANSI B56.1, and the CSA B335-15 Safety Standard for Lift Trucks, which makes it a reliable resource for ensuring the safe handling of the different types of forklift trucks. Each lesson wraps up with a quiz, which learners should pass in order to progress to the next module. Operators who have successfully finished their training are automatically awarded with training certificates and digital credentials. Managers, on the other side, are free to view and print certificates at any moment

Created by Forklifttraining.com

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BIS Safety Software Free Forklift Training Course - Telehandler (Variable Reach Forklift)

14. Telehandler (Variable Reach Forklift)

Created by BIS Safety Software, the Telehandler (Variable Reach Forklift) course provides workers with comprehensive knowledge about telehandlers, their components, and site safety requirements, which comply with the CSA Standard B335-15 and the ANSI Standard B56.6. Some of the topics covered in this online program include safety symbols, traveling techniques, balance principles, load charts, inspection and function checks, and lifting techniques. This course takes around 75 minutes to complete. For better learning impact, it also comes with a knowledge assessments and course completion certificate.

Created by BIS Safety Software

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Lonestar Forklift Free Forklift Training Course - Telehandler Training and Certification

15. Telehandler Training and Certification

Lonestar Forklift’s Telehandler Training and Certification course dives into the different telehandler machine components, site inspection protocols, and legal operation requirements, which fall under OSHA and ANSI safety standards. This blended learning course covers specialized topics like equipment stability, walk-around inspections, function tests, load charts, and operator manuals. It also goes into detail about the proper telehandler start-up and shutdown procedures, as well as safe refueling processes. This course will take about 45 minutes to complete and is offered in both English and Spanish. A practical evaluation is needed to attain full operator certification.

Created by Lonestar Forklift

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About forklift training

A forklift is a powerful and useful piece of heavy machinery that allows for easy movement and storage of products. It is a tool that is used each and every day across different industries. Although it helps make the movement of freight easier and more efficient, forklifts can quickly go from useful tool to dangerous moving item very quickly. Every year, thousands of people are injured, or even are killed on the job due to bad forklift safety. Most of these injuries can be prevented, and the easiest method of prevention is training. Training is the first step to getting a forklift license. Plus, employers do themselves and their employees a favor when they ensure that they have the most up-to-date resources available to them, which play a significant role in reducing workplace accidents.

Who should take Forklift Training?

According to the OSHA 29 CFR 1910.178(l) safety regulation, any employee driving a powered industrial truck or forklift is required to take proper forklift safety training and get their forklift license to ensure safe operations. Lack of training puts both the operator and other workers in danger and the violation of basic operation protocols can result in fines of up to $250,000. If you’re a warehouse supervisor or employee, construction worker, dock worker, or anyone in charge of operating forklifts, it’s crucial that you take proper forklift training courses and acquire your license before trying to handle these transport machines.

Choosing an online Forklift Training Course

Choosing an online forklift training course depends highly on your level of experience. If you’re a highly experienced forklift operator, you still need refresher training on basic forklift safety, maintenance, and inspection requirements. On the other hand, if you’re a novice operator with little to no experience, you are required to take both theoretical and practical lessons on forklift operations to ensure that you understand the basics of pre-operational inspections, safe operation, load handling, and machine maintenance. 

Another factor to consider when choosing a forklift training course is the type of job you’ll be handling, as these will require different types of forklifts. For example, if you’ll be working on a construction site to help transport and lift building materials, you’ll need to take specific training for rough terrain forklift trucks. Meanwhile, if you’re going to be working inside a warehouse or storage facility, you might need to learn how to use industrial reach forklift trucks.

How often should you do Forklift Training?

In order to comply with OSHA standards, regular forklift operators are required to take forklift training every 3 to 5 years as a refresher. For occasional handlers, training is needed before every forklift truck operation. Exceptions are also made if there are changes in the industry regulations and work environment. Refresher courses are also not applicable to those who will be converting to a different type of forklift. With conversion training, workers will need to start from scratch to learn a new forklift’s safety protocols as well as the basic operation, inspection, and maintenance procedures. In addition to these instances, a forklift operator may also be required to get additional forklift training after an accident or protocol violation.

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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