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The best 10 confined space courses for workplace safety (with certificates)

We’ve curated a list of ten confined space courses that your workers can take to ensure safe operations when working in confined spaces. These specialized courses cover topics like entry permit systems, atmospheric monitoring, emergency procedures—all designed to help your workers gain a basic knowledge of confined space standards and practices.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) Confined Space Course - Confined Spaces
Confined space course #1

Confined Spaces

It’s crucial that your workers have a good understanding of their responsibilities while working in confined spaces and handling combustible materials. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Confined Spaces course gives your team a general overview of confined spaces, strategies for controlling hazards, examples of confined and lockout spaces, and the roles of confined space workers.

This five-part course then goes into detail about Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZPOWER), retrieval procedures, and harnessing guidelines that can help your team implement rescue operations in case of an emergency.

Through SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s powerful authoring tool, you can edit, rebrand, and deliver the course directly to your workers’ mobile devices in just a few easy clicks.

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Created by: SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Scope: Confined spaces overview, worker training, assigned duties and responsibilities, controlling hazards, HAZPOWER, emergencies, retrieval procedures, harnessing guidelines

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Confined Space Course - OSHA for Workers (US Only)
Confined space course #2

OSHA for Workers (US Only)

Following the safety concerns associated with working in confined spaces, organizations are mandated to protect their employees from fatalities and any work-related hazards.

This SC Training (formerly EdApp) course discusses worker’s rights, OSHA inspection processes, and OSHA’s health and safety standards, which both employers and employees should always follow. It also delves into the different ways you can file a safety hazard complaint, including the specifics of whistleblower protections.

Accessible through a desktop or mobile device, this microlearning course is divided into five bite-sized lessons that learners can complete at their own pace. 

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Created by: SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Scope: OSHA introduction, workers’ rights and responsibilities, filing a complaint, whistleblower protections, OSHA inspections

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Hazmat School Confined Space Course - OSHA Confined Space Training
Confined space course #3

OSHA Confined Space Training

Hazmat School’s OSHA Confined Space Training course allows workers to understand the main differences between permit-required and non-permit-required spaces. Here, they’ll learn about common hazards and identify the basic rescue procedures in the event of an emergency. This PowerPoint training course also covers topics like air monitoring, atmospheric testing, and ventilation procedures to ensure worker safety.

Cost: 59 USD

Created by: Hazmat School

Scope: Confined space regulations, types of confined spaces, confined space permits, recognizing hazards, roles and operations

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BIS Safety Software Confined Space Course - Confined Space Entry Training
Confined space course #4

Confined Space Entry Training

This confined space training course contains general information about confined space practices used in many industries that require construction activities, inspections, or maintenance. Other topics include confined space responsibilities, potential hazards, the classification of confined spaces, and entry authorization methods. Your workers can also expect to learn more about personal protective equipment and rescue procedures.

Cost: 89.99 USD 

Created by: BIS Safety Software

Scope: Existing and potential confined space hazards, hazards control, entry authorization and planning, PPE, rescue procedures

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Worksite Safety Compliance Centre Confined Space Course - Confined Space Online Training
Confined space course #5

Confined Space Online Training

Worksite Safety Compliance Centre developed this confined space training online to guide workers from confined space entry and occupancy to safety standards and emergency plans. It goes into detail about confined space permits, atmospheric and non-atmospheric hazards, and PPEs, more specifically, respirator equipment, fall protection, and head protection. Your workers will also learn about their health and workplace safety rights and the various roles related to confined space work.

Cost: 44.95 USD

Created by: Worksite Safety Compliance Centre

Scope: Roles and responsibilities, recognizing confined spaces, atmospheric and non-atmospheric hazards, fall protection, permits and procedures, PPE

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360training Confined Space Course - Confined Space Entry Training for General Industry
Confined space course #6

Confined Space Entry Training for General Industry

360training’s course is tailored to general industry workers like maintenance technicians, pipeline workers, emergency responders, and safety managers. Compliant with OSHA standards, the lessons cover specific topics such as basic confined space requirements and entry options for permit-required spaces. Plus, other comprehensive lessons on ventilation and atmospheric testing to reduce flammable and asphyxiation risks.

Cost: 159 USD

Created by: 360training

Scope: Employer and employee responsibilities, communication and coordination, entry permitting, atmospheric testing and ventilation, hazard control

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360training Confined Space Course - Confined Space Entry Training for Construction
Confined space course #7

Confined Space Entry Training for Construction

Working in building and construction comes with its own set of confined space challenges. This training course is designed specifically for workers, contractors, supervisors, and foremen in the construction industry. Through this course, both entry-level workers and managers will be prepared to address possible worksite hazards and comply with OSHA’s safety regulations. Workers can also expect lessons on how to identify confined spaces and permit-required spaces.

Cost: 159 USD

Created by: 360training

Scope: Roles and responsibilities, permit-required confined space entry, testing and ventilation, controlling hazards, rescue and emergency services

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e-Training Confined Space Course - Confined Space Training
Confined space course #8

Confined Space Training

All employees who regularly work in confined spaces must be trained in proper entry and exit procedures. This Confined Space Training course by e-Training shows workers how to work safely in confined spaces like silos, storage bins, pipelines, underground vaults, and building shafts. It also highlights the importance of working in accordance with OSHA standards, using proper protective equipment, and preparing for emergency situations.

Cost: 20 USD

Created by: e-Training

Scope: Confined space entry and exit, proper equipment use, hazard safety, permit-required confined space, OSHA, rescue and emergency

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CPD Online College Confined Space Course - Confined Spaces
Confined space course #9

Confined Spaces by CPD Online College

Knowing what to do before entering a confined space, what to watch out for, and how to get out safely will guarantee that your workers are able to carry out their tasks without undue worry. This confined space certification course focuses on different best practices and safety equipment related to working in confined spaces. It contains helpful steps for performing risk assessments for different types of confined spaces and shares insight into legislation like Management of Health and Safety at Work (1999).

Cost: 25 USD

Created by: CPD Online College

Scope: How to identify, assess, and control risks, confined space best practices, training and safety equipment, emergency procedures

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High Speed Training Confined Space Course - Working in Confined Spaces Training Course
Confined space course #10

Working in Confined Spaces Training Course

The Working in Confined Spaces Training Course by High Speed Training is designed as an introduction to confined space practices and regulations, helping learners become aware of the risks related to working in confined spaces. Each module of this five-part course covers topics like confined space legislation, risk assessments, control measures, safety equipment, and rescue procedures.

Cost: 32.50 USD

Created by: High Speed Training

Scope: Introduction to confined spaces, safe planning, legal requirements, risk assessment, control measures, emergency arrangements

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Making sure your team stays safe should be a top priority, especially when they’re working in risky environments like confined spaces. By giving them the right training and resources, you can greatly enhance their ability to perform their tasks while keeping safety at the forefront.

Confined space training is a specialized type of training that focuses on keeping people safe in potentially dangerous work environments with limited entrances and exits. It teaches individuals how to enter, work in, and handle emergencies in confined spaces without putting themselves or others at risk.

What is in confined space training?

Here’s a list of essential topics you can include in your confined space training program:

  • Hazard identification - how to identify the specific hazards associated with confined spaces (poor air quality, toxic gasses, flammable substances, and the potential for engulfment)
  • Safety regulations and standards - relevant safety regulations and standards that govern confined space work
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) - importance of using the right personal protective equipment (respirators, harnesses, helmets, gloves, and safety boots)
  • Atmospheric testing and monitoring - significance of air monitoring and testing to assess oxygen levels, toxic gasses, and potential contaminants in confined spaces
  • Entry and exit procedures - proper protocols for entering and exiting confined spaces (securing permits, using lockout/tagout procedures, and having proper communication during the process)
  • Emergency response and rescue - how to respond to emergencies in confined spaces (evacuation procedures, rescue techniques, and administering first aid)
  • Communication and teamwork - how to maintain contact with the team inside and outside the confined space

Why is confined space training important?

Giving your workers proper confined space training will equip them with the knowledge and skills to identify risks, follow proper procedures, handle emergencies, and prepare for the unexpected. You’ll be able to drastically reduce the chances of accidents, injuries, or tragic incidents.

It also helps companies stay on the right side of the law. There are rules and regulations in place to regulate confined space work, and organizations are expected to play by the book. That way, not only can you show your commitment to creating a safe work environment, but you’ll also be able to meet legal requirements that can protect your company’s reputation.

Establish safe practices with confined space training

Many jobs, like mining, oilfield work, construction, and maintenance, involve physically demanding tasks in tight spaces. Unfortunately, because of inadequate regulations and a lack of preparation for dangers like toxic gasses, low oxygen levels, extreme heat, and sudden floods, the number of workers getting hurt or even dying each year is going up.

As an employer, it’s extremely important that you provide your workers with OSHA confined space training before they start working on-site. Make a proactive move towards safety by enrolling them in confined space courses today!

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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