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10 Customer Care Training Courses

We’ve compiled a list of general customer service courses, including specific ones for industries like retail and call center, that you can deploy to your team to boost their understanding of customer service, reinforce important skills, and help them handle difficult situations with customers.

Customer Service Courses
Last published: 7th May 2024
Customer Service Course - Call Center Customer Service

1. Call Center Customer Service

This Call Center Customer Service course is intended to provide a training program that will help your onboarded employees new to the call center role to learn various skills and techniques required for the job. This 5-part course supports your team in acing the call process by outlining call preparations, phone etiquette, essential call information, as well as ways to deal with difficult and new customers. 

This course is available in SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s course library making it readily deployable for your team. And, it’s also completely editable so you can add your own expertise on customer service or include best practices specific to your company. 

Price: Free

Scope: How to effectively prepare for calls, customer service etiquette, parts of a call, holds & transfers, and ways to help difficult customers.

Created By SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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Customer Service Course - Creating a Positive Customer Experience

2. Creating a Positive Customer Experience

SC Training (formerly EdApp) created this customer service course for your employees in the retail industry to help them develop and improve their skills, as well as retain and increase their customer base and boost customer loyalty by creating a positive customer experience. This 4-part customer-centric course focuses on teaching your employees how to keep loyal customers happy by emphasizing topics on the customer service’s role on the customer’s overall brand experience, as well as ways to effectively interact with customers. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s microlearning feature makes this course convenient and engaging for your team and only a couple of minutes are needed to complete the course.

Price: Free

Scope: Customer Service’s role in customer experience and ways to impress, interact, and engage with customers

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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Customer Service Course - Customer Service Foundations

3. Customer Care Foundations

LinkedIn Learning’s Customer Service Foundations is delivered by writer and customer service consultant Jeff Toister. In this course, he discusses the crucial skill sets and ways to exceed expectations and improve customer retention. The lesson contents will enable your employees to develop more effective service, stronger rapport with customers, as well as a better attitude and approach to situations such as solving customer problems or handling angry customers. When customers feel valued and continuously experience outstanding healthcare customer service, they rely and trust your company more which fosters their loyalty to your products or services. This 4-part course is delivered through bite-sized videos and includes a quiz at the end of every chapter. Completing this course also allows your employees to earn certificates.                           

Price: Free on a paid subscription or until the trial period

Scope: Outstanding customer service, ways to build rapport with customers, exceeding customer expectations, and solving customer problems

Created by LinkedIn Learning

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Customer Service Course - Online Customer Service Training

4. Online Customer Care Training

Anyone working in the customer service role at any level of employment can benefit from High Speed Training’s Online Customer Service Training course. This course aims to upskill your employees to enable them to provide the best experience and service for your customers – no matter which platform they operate in, may it be phone calls, emails, or in-person. With this 5-part course, your employees will have a deeper understanding of what encompasses excellent customer service, develop empathy skills essential in communicating and providing the customers their needs, as well as understand the importance of social media, and know how to evaluate customer service. By the end of the last lesson, your employees will be given an assessment test where they are expected to have at least 80 percent score. They can also earn a certificate upon successful course completion.

Price: €25 EUR + VAT

Scope: Comprehensive understanding of customer service, body language and listening, communication, dealing with complaints, and evaluating customer service

Created by High Speed Training

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Customer Service course - Customer Service Skills

5. Customer Care Skills

Alison, a free learning platform, provides this course to help your employees build and develop essential customer service skills and techniques, as well as improve on handling inquiries and complaints to deliver the best outcomes and ensure high customer satisfaction. This 5-part course is delivered through long-form videos and your employees can check their knowledge retention with a quiz at the end of every lesson. They can also take the course assessment and achieve an 80 percent score to complete the Certificate course. However, despite the course being offered for free, the official certificate is only available for purchase.

Price: Free

Scope: Understanding customer service and customers. Telephone etiquette, handling complaints, and enduring stress

Created by Alison

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Customer Service Course - Customer Service 101

6.Customer Service 101

This Customer Service 101 course offered by Universal Class is designed to guide anyone in the business – no matter from which department – to give good customer service. This 15-part course defines what service means for your employees, introduces ways to exceed customer expectations with key customer service skills, as well as how to build relationships with customers, and how to effectively interact with them under different circumstances. In Universal Class, courses include a syllabus, video-based lessons, and exams and assignments for knowledge assessment and reinforcement. While the course is designed for self-paced learning, it can only be accessed and completed within 6 months via a web browser. A minimum of 70 percent final grade upon course completion is required to earn a certification.                          

Price: $50 USD (no certification) - $75 USD (with certification)

Scope: Defining service, interacting and dealing with customers, key customer service skills, telephone call etiquette and techniques, sending emails and newsletters, customer service management, and customer service policy

Created by Universal Class

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Customer Service Course - Customer Service: Handling Complaints

7. Customer Care: Handling Complaints

Customer Service: Handling Complaints course published by Università di Firenze is offered for free by SC Training (formerly EdApp) in its course library. This 3-part course covers techniques to address customer complaints and negative reviews, improve your patience, and ways to resolve them appropriately. Knowing how to address these issues and your customer wants plays an important role in strengthening your CRM as it turns complaints and negative feedback into a positive customer experience. This course can be immediately deployed to your team or customized according to your organization’s specific best practices. 

Price: Free

Scope: Working with customer complaints, address online complaints, and handling negative reviews positively

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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Customer Service Course - Customer Service: Problem Solving and Troubleshooting

8. Customer Service: Problem Solving and Troubleshooting

Customer Service: Problem Solving and Troubleshooting course is discussed by writer and president of Fleming Consulting & Co., Noah Fleming, on LinkedIn Learning. In this 4-part course, he expounds on the processes for critical problem-solving and troubleshooting, dealing with customer issues, and resolving systemic issues within your company. Lessons are delivered through short-form videos and include a quiz at the end of every chapter. Successful course completion and a 70 percent score on the final exam will grant certification for your employees. 

Price: Free on a paid subscription or until the trial period

Scope: Approach to customer service, critical problem-solving skills, and critical troubleshooting skills

Created by LinkedIn Learning

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Customer Service Course - Management Guide to  Customer Service

9. Management Guide to Customer Service

This course by Corexel reinforces a more comprehensive understanding of customer experience specifically for managers. In order to provide training and support for your team, the content of this course dives into customer service philosophies and empowers you with knowledge on how to manage and develop employees so they can perform better and exceed expectations. Corexcel delivers this course content through videos with a complete transcript and can be accessed via web browsers. To guarantee successful course completion and earn certification, you must have an average test score of at least 70 percent.

Price: $79 USD

Scope: Philosophies in creating a total customer experience, performance measurement for managers, methods in providing customer service through various platforms, approaches for dealing with difficult customers, and challenges of a customer service manager

Created by Corexcel

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Customer Service Course - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Dealing with difficult customers

10. Dealing with difficult customers

Problem-solving is a crucial skill in any industry, especially in customer service as this involves addressing customer’s needs and guiding them with a relevant solution. However, this can be a challenge as customers come from all walks of life with different attitudes and personalities. This course offered by SC Training (formerly EdApp) – specifically for food and beverage services – covers the types of difficult customers and best practices in meeting their needs and solving their problems.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) is a mobile-first LMS making this course easily accessible for your employees anytime and anywhere!

Price: Free

Scope: Types of difficult customers, responding to guest complaints, handling wrong food order, and dealing with intoxicated customers  

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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More about customer service training

Customer service plays a significant role in building brand loyalty and driving profit. It encompasses providing forefront support for customers to have a seamless experience with your product or service – before and even after purchase – to ensure that they feel valued and guided all throughout. It also entails providing solutions for customer complaints which is critical in maintaining existing customers. This is an aspect of the business that allows customers to have a human experience with the brand. That’s why it’s crucial that customers are always given a positive experience. However, in Netomi Pulse Report: State of Customer Service in 2020, it’s found that 78 percent of US consumers stopped doing business due to poor customer service. This report illustrates the importance of customer service training to guide your employees by reinforcing key techniques and developing skills necessary in ensuring a stellar customer experience.

And the best part? Your team can complete courses anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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