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Top 10 Construction Training Software for 2024


February 10, 2024



Construction training software

Proper training and compliance are an integral part of working in the construction industry. Having workers that are knowledgeable and highly skilled helps you make sure that construction projects can be tackled safely and effectively according to the right construction workflows. In this article, we’ll take a look at the most recommended construction training software that you can use to develop your training programs with ease. 

1. SC Training (formerly EdApp)

One of the best construction training software on the market is none other than SC Training (formerly EdApp). This platform is the complete package, coming with a wide range of features that help you manage your construction training programs without any hassle.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) - Construction Training Software

Among its standout features is its Creator tool, which can help you launch your construction training programs in a matter of minutes rather than days or weeks. You won’t have to worry about coding or programming when creating a course because of how simple it is to use. 

Construction Training Software- Training Creator Tool

All you have to do is drag and drop your training content into your chosen template, add your branding, hit publish, and you’re all set. Training also offers a free course library that’s packed with ready-made and customizable courses that you can immediately share with your team.

Construction Training Software - Training Course Library
  • Cost: Free (up to 10 users)
  • Key features: Creator tool, course library complete with construction training courses

Try SC Training and start using one of the top construction training software on the market!

2. 360training

With 360training’s user-friendly training platform, you can create any kind of construction training course and enhance the overall learning experience for your workers. Through the platform’s powerful and flexible learning management system (LMS), you can streamline your team’s training process with easy enrollment and performance tracking. You can also use its comprehensive library of regulatory-approved construction safety training programs to train your workers and make sure they’re compliant with construction regulations. 

Construction Training Software - 360training

Additionally, this construction training software offers a dedicated support system through experienced account managers. They’ll help you meet your training goals and fulfill any compliance requirements.

  • Cost: Available upon request
  • Key features: Expansive course library, learning management system, dedicated support

3. BuildWitt

You can deliver engaging and high-quality construction training with BuildWitt. Here, you’ll get full control over your team’s training process. This includes access to user group management, course distribution, and training progress analysis. 

Construction Training Software - BuildWitt

Through the construction safety software’s app notifications feature, you can send safety announcements or compliance reminders for recurring training content straight to your employee’s device with a simple button. It also makes it easier to deliver periodic refreshers and quizzes, helping you check the level of your employee’s skills and knowledge. 

  • Cost: 3,000 USD annual base fee + 12 USD per user per month
  • Key features: User group management, course distribution, training analytics, app notifications, periodic refreshers and quizzes

4. SkillLake

Another recommended construction training software on this list is SkillLake. As an employee-centric training platform, it helps you create tailored learning experiences for your employees by curating content that’s based on their current skills. This training platform also lets you create construction training courses following the constantly changing construction regulations. It also allows you to track your team’s course completion rates in just a few clicks. If you want a blended learning approach, you can even add instructor-led training sessions.

Construction Training Software - SkillLake

One of the biggest advantages of this elearning development software is that it gives your workers the flexibility to train any time, anywhere, and on any device they choose. And the best part? They’ll have access to the best subject matter experts. 

  • Cost: Available upon request
  • Key features: Training content curation, course creation, instructor-led training, multiple device access

5. iTacit

With iTacit, you won’t need to look any further for an all-in-one construction training software. Here, any construction supervisor or trainer can easily create an online training program in a matter of minutes without having to deal with the high costs of in-person training. You can drag and drop your SCORM-compliant content, and add links, images, or video content to make it more interactive. 

Construction Training Software - iTacit

After finalizing the design, simply click publish and distribute the course to your team. You can even design a customized learning path for each construction worker and enroll them automatically in the training sessions they require the most.

  • Cost: Pricing plans available upon request
  • Key features: Course builder, SCORM-compliance, learning paths, automatic enrollment

6. Kallidus

Kallidus is another leading elearning platform that can effectively be used as a construction training software for your team’s construction training and compliance needs. It offers a course builder that allows you to develop and update compliance training courses. If you don’t have time to create a course from scratch, you can also use a course from their off-the-shelf offerings, which include courses like Asbestos Awareness, Electrical Safety, and Personal Protective Equipment. 

Construction Training Software - Kallidus

Through the LMS’s dashboard reports, you can check who has completed their compliance and mandatory training with just two clicks. Anyone who has overdue courses can be directly notified via email or Teams. 

  • Cost: Pricing plans available upon request
  • Key features: Course builder, ready-to-use courses, dashboard reports, completion reminders

7. High Speed Training

Another great construction training software that you should check out is High Speed Training. This elearning platform prides itself on its extensive library of over 180 accredited courses and its handy reporting and user management features. 

Construction Training Software - High Speed Training

The platform’s cloud-based LMS comes free with purchases of 10 or more courses. Here, you’ll be able to track the training progress of your workers at any time and use the data to address any training gaps. You can even export the reports and tailor them to the size of your business, whether you’re part of a small, medium, or large company. In recent years, advancements in construction software development have facilitated a more streamlined approach to on-site safety and training.

  • Cost: Paid plans
  • Key features: Course library, cloud-based LMS, reporting and user management features

8. BIS Safety Software

BIS Safety Software was developed as an all-in-one compliance solution that can be tailored for various types of compliance training, including those for construction, environmental health, and safety. Compared to other construction management software programs, it offers both learning management and training record management features that are designed to help you streamline your construction training. 

Construction Training Software - BIS Safety Software

The training record management system is a centralized resource that makes it easy for employees and supervisors to send out required courses and check completion statuses and certificates. Also, its built-in automatic certificate expiry alerts can help you make sure that your employees are always up to date with their training.

  • Cost: Available upon request
  • Key features: Learning management system, training records management system, automatic certificate expiry alerts

9. Vector Solutions

Vector Solutions is a construction training software that has combined its cutting-edge Convergence LMS with high-quality courses to give hassle-free training to both small and large organizations. Through the years, they’ve developed specialized training programs targeted at different industries, including architecture, engineering, manufacturing, and construction. Some of their construction courses focus on cranes and rigging, electrician training, masonry, basic carpentry, and residential safety. If you don’t have time to develop your own course, you can simply use these courses to train your teams. 

Construction Training Software - Vector Solutions

What sets this platform apart from other competitors is its 3D animated training content, which helps make information easier to digest. Additionally, you can use Vector Solutions to plan when recurrent courses will be delivered and generate training reports and analytics.

  • Cost: Available upon request
  • Key features: Convergence LMS, ready-made 3D animation courses, scheduled course delivery, reports and analytics

10. Fuse

Developing and improving your construction compliance courseware is easy with Fuse. It allows you to create training podcasts, short video content, and mobile-first training materials enhanced with professional-looking motion graphics. These innovative content creation features can supplement your traditional training programs and make the employee development process more engaging for your workers. 

Construction Training Software - Fuse

Fuse also gives companies access to a centralized database of training resources where managers can store all of their team’s training materials. This is also accessible to workers and helps employees train more effectively at their own convenience. 

  • Cost: Available upon request
  • Key features: Mobile-first training strategy, podcast and short video development, motion graphics, centralized database


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