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11 Cyber Security Resources


August 22, 2022



Cyber Security Resources

Find the best cyber security resources here if you want to equip your team with the knowledge to protect your company data or their personal data against cyber attacks and cyber crimes. The resources we included here are created in various formats, so you can choose which suits your team best. 

1. Cyber Security Awareness

The first cyber security resource on our list is SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Cyber Security Awareness online course, which is designed to help your team familiarize themselves with the common cyber-attacks and learn how to prevent them. The best way to protect data and information against cyber threats is to first understand how these threats create vulnerabilities. So, this course goes into how sites can be commonly attacked through injection attacks, broken authentication, cross-site scripting, and broken access. Then, it teaches your team how to identify the types of data that are vulnerable to such attacks. It also discusses cross-site request forgery, which is a lesser-known cross-site vulnerability. 

Cyber security resource - SC Training (formerly EdApp) cyber security

SC Training (formerly EdApp) LMS for compliance training delivers this resource through short-form, interactive lessons. This means your team won’t have to read long texts or watch long, dreadful videos. In just a couple of minutes, they’ll be equipped with the knowledge to identify the different ways confidential data and information can be vulnerable to threats. 

  • Resource Type: Online Course 
  • Key topics: Cyber security threats, types of vulnerable data
  • Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

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2. Introduction to Cyber Security

FutureLearn’s Introduction to Cyber Security, created by The Open University, provides the information and security resources that your team will need to protect data in the digital landscape. In this cyber security resource, your team will be introduced to all the important terminologies around this topic. They’ll also learn how to create a strong defense against cyber threats through a lesson on authentication, which covers access control, passwords, passwordless authentication, and two-factor authentication. To increase awareness of cyber threats, this course covers the different types of malware and ways to prevent them. Other topics that your team will gain insight into include network security, cryptography, and security risk management. 

Cyber security resource - Future Learn

This information security resource is in the form of short and long videos. It also includes articles and practical activities to increase engagement. 

  • Resource Type: Online Course
  • Key topics: Cyber security technology, Authentication mechanisms, Malware types, Firewalls
  • Cost: 9 USD

3. Cyber Security

SC Training (formerly EdApp) offers another Cyber Security resource that gives your team a more general insight into how they can protect company data against common cyber attacks in the workplace. First, your team will learn about the importance of cyber security and the different cyber security resources. Then, they’ll gain knowledge of the common goals behind cybercrime, which will help set the foundation for understanding how to prevent cyber threats. Here, your team will also discover ways to prevent unauthorized software from accessing their computers, along with specific tips for protecting company data. Other safety measures they’ll learn include ways to avoid social engineering and phishing attacks, tips for using passwords, and techniques to navigate the internet safely. Moreover, integrating a sophisticated cloud firewall can significantly enhance your team's defense against sophisticated cyber threats. Lastly, the lesson on how to create an effective document management strategy will further help avoid the unnecessary risk of losing data to attacks. 

Cyber security resource - SC Training (formerly EdApp) cyber security

Cyber security is crucial for your business, so your team must remember all the important practices to protect data. Thankfully, through SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Brain Boost feature (by request only) that applies spaced repetition, you can automatically create refresher quizzes for each learner. This way, you can help make key information unforgettable for your team. 

  • Resource Type: Online Course
  • Key topics: Importance of cyber security, Common cyber attacks, Password safety
  • Cost: Free (up to 10 users), Brain Boost is only available on an Enterprise plan

4. Introduction to Cybersecurity Course for Cyber Security Beginners

Simplilearn’s Introduction to Cybersecurity Course for Cyber Security Beginners, particularly on IT security engineering, focuses on teaching your team how to build and manage security programs, as well as perform disaster recovery testing. First, it guides your team through the fundamentals of cyber security, a cyber security introduction, the different types of cyber attacks, and the procedures for preventing them. It then dives into a more technical lesson that tackles how to develop a strong architecture for security programs. It also covers both risk management and incident management.

Cyber security resource - Simplilearn cyber security

This cyber security resource is available for self-paced online learning. You can also earn a certificate with an 80% minimum score on the assessment test.

  • Resource Type: Online Course
  • Key topics: Fundamentals of cybersecurity, Risk assessment, Incident management
  • Cost: 27 USD

5. Cybersecurity Basics

The Federal Trade Commission created this Cybersecurity Basics guide to help small businesses increase their knowledge and awareness of how to protect their businesses against cyber security threats and attacks. If you’re a small business, your team will benefit from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework highlighted in this resource, which provides guidelines for amplifying cyber security in the workplace. Here, they’ll also learn about different cyber crimes like ransomware, phishing, business email imposters, and tech support scams. It includes details on how these threats work and how you can specifically protect your business against each of them. You and your team will also find additional tips to add extra security and protection to your business data.

Cyber security resource - Federal Trade Commission

What’s great about this PDF cyber security resource is that even though it’s quite lengthy, it has a very neat design, making it less overwhelming. It’s also packed with lots of helpful information and graphics to boost understanding. 

  • Resource Type: PDF
  • Key topics: Types of cyber security attacks and threats, cyber insurance policy, preventive cyber security measures
  • Cost: Free

6. Cybersecurity for Beginners | Network Security Practical Course

Academic Lesson’s Cybersecurity for Beginners is designed to help you strengthen your network security. It first establishes the basics by discussing the concepts of internet security and provides comprehensive and specific steps to apply them. The first step discussed is how to write a security policy, which outlines the rules and regulations applicable to your company. The next step highlights the importance of educating end users and IT staff in your company as everyone is responsible for protecting confidential files and data. Next, it touches on how to implement physical security to protect your files. Then, it dives into perimeter security, along with best practices for implementing it. Lastly, it tackles access control and password management.

Cyber security resource - Academic Lesson

This cyber security resource is a 2-hour-long YouTube video. Aside from detailed explanations and illustrations, you’ll also find demonstrations on how to perform various tasks related to the lessons. 

  • Resource Type: Youtube Video
  • Key topics: Concepts of internet security, security policy, perimeter security, access control, password management
  • Cost: Free

7. Cybersecurity Tutorial for Beginners | Introduction to Cybersecurity

Invesis Learning’s Cybersecurity Tutorial for Beginners is a more friendly cyber security resource for your team, as well as for individuals interested in shifting a role related to cyber security. Here, your team will gain basic knowledge of cyber security, starting from how it came about and ending with what it is now. They’ll also understand the elements of network security along with the different types of cyber attacks they may encounter. It then guides your team on the best practices and methods of mitigating cyber attacks. If they are interested in shifting into a cybersecurity-focused role, the lesson on the role of a cyber security analyst will be useful for them. 

Cyber security resource - Invensis Learning

This Youtube video is only around 30 minutes long. It also already includes time stamps of the lessons, so it’s easier to jump through the topics. 

  • Resource Type: Youtube Video
  • Key topics: History of hacking and security, cyber security, types of cyber attacks, preventive safety measures, cyber security analyst role
  • Cost: Free

8. Introduction to Cyber Security | Cyber Security Training for Beginners | CyberSecurity

Simplilearn’s Introduction to Cyber Security defines cyber security for your team’s better understanding. It also discusses the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA) triad, which serves as the framework for cyber security. Your team will also learn about its importance and how it works, which are further emphasized through some real-life situations. For those who want to explore a role in cyber security, they can keep watching the lesson focused on what it is to be a cyber security expert. 

Cyber security resource - Simplilearn cyber security beginners

This 40-minute YouTube video also has timestamps for easier navigation of the topics. It’s delivered in a presentation format where a narrator explains the topics. It also includes illustrations for better visualization. 

  • Resource Type: Youtube Video
  • Key topics: Cyber security definition, how cyber security works, role of a cyber security expert
  • Cost: Free

9. Cyber Crime and Security

This Cyber Crime and Security PowerPoint on Slideshare provides a quick presentation to help your team recognize different cyber crimes and boost cyber security. It explains the definition of cyber security and its history. It also dives into the different cyber threats and crimes, including their definitions and how they operate. To help you amp up your cyber security measures, it provides prevention and tips. 

Cyber security resource - Slideshare

This PPT cyber security resource has 17 slides in total. It’s also a bit text-heavy but still includes some illustrations for better understanding. 

  • Resource Type: PowerPoint
  • Key topics: Cybercrime History, categories of cybercrime, cyber threats and hacks, preventions and tips
  • Cost: Free

10. PPT on Cybersecurity 

Available on Researchgate, this PPT on Cybersecurity provides information that’s best for beginners on cyber security. First, it defines cybersecurity and the CIA triad of information security. It then goes into the different categories and types of cybercrime. After the basics, it tackles a more technical topic, which is the types of security tools. It also includes the features and advantages of each. Safety tips for cybercrime prevention are also covered. 

Cyber security resource - ResearchGate

While this cyber security resource has lots of valuable information, it’s quite lengthy and text-heavy. The design is also a bit more traditional, so it can be less engaging. 

  • Resource Type: PowerPoint
  • Key topics: Cybercrime categories, types of security tools, cybersecurity roles, advantages of cybersecurity, safety tips for cybercrime
  • Cost: Free

11. Cyber Security Journal

SSL2BUY provides an informative platform named Cyber Security Journal (CS Journal), which helps share knowledge regarding cyber security with a wide audience. The section covers topics about rising cyber threats, information management, big data development, email security, security risk management, ransomware, online privacy, and many other subjects. In this cyber security Journal, you’ll learn essential terms used in cyber security and sub-topics like authentication, encryption, data integrity, protection against cyber threats, etc.

  • Resource Type: Cyber Security Journal
  • Key topics: In-depth research articles and case studies on cyber security describing all aspects of computer science, technologies, hardware security, software security, system security, information security
  • Cost: Free


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