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11 Elearning Development Companies


March 7, 2023



Elearning Development Companies

If you’re looking for interactive ways to upskill your team, we’ve come up with this list of 10 eLearning development companies for effective learning and development. These elearning developers offer various services to give your team the best elearning experience, customized to suit your needs.

1. SC Training (formerly EdApp)

SC Training (formerly EdApp) is on a mission to change the way the world learns at work. No matter where you are or what your team does, SC Training (formerly EdApp) believes that all your team members should have access to quality training that’s engaging, effective, and seriously fun. So, SC Training (formerly EdApp) offers a dynamic, all-in-one mobile platform where you can create customized elearning content using their Creator Tool. Or if you don't have time to create a course from scratch, you can opt for SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s Course Creation Services instead.

Elearning Development Companies - SC Training (formerly EdApp)

You can also visit SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Course Library, where there are readily available courses that your team can finish in minutes, on-the-go. These courses also have built-in games and quizzes with and certification features. With SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s tools to create an interactive quiz, you can make gamified tests like find-a-word, image/word match, true or false, letter jumble, and jeopardy-style games.

The best thing about this is that among all elearning development companies in this list, only SC Training (formerly EdApp) offers these features for free. You can create microlearning courses with the Creator Tool or get started with game-based learning without any additional cost for your team.

Cost: Completely Free


  • Creator Tool
  • Course Library
  • Gamification

Join SC Training (formerly EdApp) today, so your team can hit your learning goals anytime, anywhere. Conveniently create and deliver fun, bite-sized mobile training courses - all for free.

2. Aptara Corp

Aptara adopts a Design Thinking approach that lets users’ needs shape the creation of their products and services. If you already have learning management systems in place, their team performance solutions are a safe bet for improving them. Aptara can analyze your current training methods and assign veteran consultants to help you fill the gaps in your management and development processes.

elearning development companies - aptara corp

Also, Aptara offers custom content development to meet the specific needs of your team. They can help you redesign your training materials into flexible, future-proof learning content. True to their service values of striving to satisfy their clients every time, their clients praise them for outstanding assistance in virtualizing and designing their learning modules. 

Cost: Contact Aptara


  • Strategic Learning Analysis
  • Learning Consulting Services
  • Content Design and Development

3. Designing Digitally

Designing Digitally takes their company name to heart as they focus on creative and innovative digital solutions for your team’s demands. Their expansive portfolio includes game design, web development, brand imaging, virtual world-building, and 3D simulations, among others. While many companies focus on elearning solutions, integrating web development services can further enhance the digital learning experience. They can also customize mobile training apps for your team.

elearning development companies - designing digitally

This elearning developer is dedicated to their clients’ learning and development goals. In fact, their clients commend them not only for their interactive and immersive designs, but also for their easy and efficient service.

Cost: Contact Designing Digitally


  • Serious Games
  • Training Simulations
  • Mobile Learning

4. Obsidian Learning

Obsidian Learning delivers interactive learning programs to accelerate your team’s skills development and boost the overall performance of your business. Their work includes creating games, infographics, learning portals, mobile apps, and motion graphics. If you need it, they also offer ways to convert your instructor-led training sessions to webinars and update any of your elearning content to comply with the latest technologies.

elearning development companies - obsidian learning

Obsidian’s designers, strategists, and developers are passionate about engaging and lasting learning experiences. They are also devoted to understanding your company’s goals and industry to perfectly capture your strengths and accurately portray your story.

Cost: Starts at 3,000 USD


  • Virtual Learning
  • Blended Learning
  • Video Learning

5. SweetRush

SweetRush is one of the elearning companies that promises to care, commit, and foster all good things for your team. This sounds a bit idealistic and cliché, but they follow through by continuously improving their services, such as games, simulations, virtual presentations, and mobile learning. Large-scale training projects are also one of their specialties, so this is perfect for when you have multiple teams which are all working together on various deliverables on a deadline.

elearning development companies - sweetrush

They’re also one of those elearning development companies which are adamant about the impact of their work not only on the world’s economy, but also in society and the environment. If your team is in love with the idea of having a positive role in shaping the world and its future, SweetRush can also help you reinforce this value. 

Cost: Contact SweetRush


  • Games and Simulations
  • Video, Audio, and Animation
  • Large-Scale Projects

6. Learning Pool

Learning Pool is powered by their ambitious goal of making your team extraordinary by encouraging you to invest in your people’s training and development. They offer elearning solutions such as onboarding learning management systems, team upskilling and reskilling, and leadership development for your team’s next generation of managers.

elearning development companies - learning pool

Their Skills Builder can help you identify skills gaps and find more opportunities to improve within your team. You can also save time and money by using their ready-made elearning libraries which you can integrate with your existing learning management system. They also have experts who can make customized and compelling elearning content for your team members.

Cost: Contact Learning Pool


  • Skills Builder
  • Ready-made Elearning Libraries
  • Custom Elearning Design

7. Blue Ocean Brain

Blue Ocean Brain offers microlearning content creation for your team’s soft skills development, diversity and inclusion training, leadership training, and professional development. Their bite-sized learning platform can help transform your in-person training materials into virtual learning experiences.

elearning development companies - blue ocean brain

This elearning developer has a learning library that produces new content daily for your team’s development journey. They also have valuable, expert-made videos which are curated to showcase a global perspective. Like other elearning development companies, they also offer a learning gamification platform which can help you energize your team members while encouraging healthy competition. You can also have knowledge checks so that your team members and leaders can view and track their progress.

Cost: Contact Blue Ocean Brain


  • Living Library and Expert Videos
  • Games for Good
  • Knowledge Checks

8. Innovative Learning Group

Innovative Learning Group (ILG) promotes a performance-first policy to guarantee your team’s improvement through their training consultation services and performance support solutions. Their performance analyses can help you see clearly what specific skills and knowledge are needed by your team to reach your goals. You can also build your learning curriculum structure and design interactive elearning materials by collaborating with ILG.

elearning development companies - innovative learning group

Clients compliment ILG’s unique and tailor-made methods when developing elearning courses. They are truly dedicated to innovating and advancing the learning and performance improvement industry as they continually find better ways to maximize everyone's potential.

Cost: Contact Innovative Learning Group


  • Performance Analysis
  • Curriculum Architecture
  • Design and Development

9. LearningMate Solutions

To make sure that your team members will remain knowledgeable, safe, and well-trained, LearningMate’s approach is to give the right knowledge at the right time. This means delivering training throughout your team members’ career journeys, instead of just at the beginning. LearningMate believes this makes them unique compared to other elearning development companies.

elearning development companies - learningmate solutions

They can also help you design your learning or training curriculum, create and develop elearning content, and deliver high quality and flexible systems which are scaled according to your team’s needs. The range of LearningMate’s commitment to education spans over their vast global clientele of ed-tech companies, educational institutions, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and various corporations.

Cost: Contact LearningMate


  • Curriculum Design and Course Development
  • Content Development
  • Professional Learning Solution

10. Tesseract Learning

Tesseract Learning offers a wide range of services from consulting and strategizing to implementing creative solutions for your team’s learning and training needs. Specifically, they offer ways of incorporating blended, micro, mobile, game-based, video-based, scenario-based, and virtual reality solutions to learning, depending on your team’s demands.

elearning development companies - tesseract learning

Tesseract’s methods are active, engaging, and collaborative. Their clients are also impressed with how this elearning developer helps them stay true to their goals and vision.

Cost: Contact Tesseract Learning


  • Learning and Training Consulting
  • Custom Elearning
  • Game-Based Learning

11. Unico Connect

Unico Connect is more than an elearning program developer – they're a full-service custom software development company delivering cutting-edge digital solutions to help organizations stand out in the education sector. They boast the ability to produce full-fledged elearning software 10X faster by leveraging the power of no-code technologies, including Xano, WeWeb, Webflow, and Bubble development

elearning development companies - unico connect

Along with exceptional product development, Unico Connect offers the ultimate guidance, tools, and support to ensure their end solutions fully meet clients' expectations.

Cost: Contact Unico Connect


  • Tech consulting
  • Elearning software development
  • UI/UX design


Donna Dane

Donna is an elearning content writer for SC Training (formerly EdApp), a mobile-based microlearning platform designed for today's digital training needs. When she's not writing web articles, she writes lines of code or songs or anything food-related.

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