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How Gamification Motivates


February 1, 2019



How Gamification Motivates

Gamification refers to when game mechanics are integrated into an existing system to help motivate loyalty, engagement, or participation. Gaming elements can be incorporated into a mobile learning program. Employees are motivated through the use of video game elements, which can help encourage them to continue playing or continue learning. Gamification is becoming a useful tool in the eLearning environment and has been readily used in big businesses for corporate training. Here are some of the top reasons why gamification works to motivate your staff to learn or complete training programs.

1. Competitive Nature

One of the main reasons why eLearning gamification works is because it is in our nature to be competitive. This is the reason why people gamble, play, and watch professional sports as well as play games on their phones. This competitive nature can be used to keep the staff motivated towards their learning which, in turn, can improve the rate at which the training is completed. This develops into more knowledgeable staff. Businesses can pit their employees against one another and award certain users when they complete certain business training courses or levels within the training courses.

2. Ability to Receive Rewards

When the gamification system is based on achievements, missions, rewards, and other achievables, it provides small wins for the employees that help them feel like they are working towards something. When businesses make changes in their structure, they utilize short-term wins to encourage them to continue with their progress.

3. Popularity of Games

Video games are popular for all age groups. Many people spend their free time playing games on their phones. Therefore, if they can advance their careers and reap some real rewards while playing games, it is something that many won’t hesitate to do. Therefore, you can easily find ways to get and keep your employees engaged in their learning process and subsequent training within your organization.

4. Instant Feedback

Gamification provides instant feedback to the learner, so they can easily understand what they are doing right and what they need work on. Corrective feedback encourages them to keep learning. They don’t have to wait to see if what they are doing is right. It can better provide them with the information they need to effectively learn the material.

Gamification in mobile learning is a great way to motivate your staff because it is fun to do, they can compete with others, rewards can be incorporated into the process, games are popular, and they get instant feedback to know exactly where they stand.

More about how gamification motivates staff

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