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12 HR Training Topics


August 1, 2023



HR Training Topics - SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Human resources employees are in charge of the affairs of the employees in an organization. The more the employees are taken care of, the more likely it is that their performance will improve. Because of this, it’s crucial to curate HR training topics that promote employee development.

By training your HR professionals in HR training topics, your HR training programs can contribute to increased productivity, employee satisfaction, and cost savings while mitigating potential risks and legal liabilities. 

What are the 7C’s of HRM?

The 7 C's of HRM, also known as the 7 C's of Human Resource Management, are essential principles or characteristics that guide effective HR practices within an organization. Each "C" represents a key aspect that HR professionals should consider in their roles. These 7 C's are as follows:

  1. Competence: HR professionals must possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and expertise to carry out their responsibilities effectively. Competence guarantees that HR professionals can handle various HR functions with proficiency.
  2. Consistency: HR policies and practices should be applied consistently across the organization to promote fairness and equity among employees. Consistency helps build trust and credibility within the workforce.
  3. Caring: HR professionals should genuinely care about the well-being and development of employees. Demonstrating empathy and support fosters a positive work environment and enhances employee engagement.
  4. Communication: Effective communication is crucial in HRM. HR professionals need to be excellent communicators to convey policies, deliver feedback, and address employee concerns clearly and transparently.
  5. Coherence: HR policies and practices should align with the organization's overall goals and objectives. Coherence makes sure that HR strategies contribute to the achievement of the organization's mission and vision.
  6. Cost-effectiveness: HRM involves managing resources efficiently. HR professionals need to balance the cost of HR learning initiatives with their impact on employee performance and organizational success.
  7. Compliance: HR professionals must adhere to legal regulations and ethical standards in their practices. Compliance guarantees that the organization operates within legal boundaries and maintains ethical standards in its HR activities.

By following the 7 C's of HRM, organizations can establish a strong HR foundation that supports employee development, engagement, and organizational effectiveness. These principles allow HR professionals to contribute strategically to the overall success of the company while maintaining a positive and productive work environment.

The 7C’s make for great training topics to include in your training in human resources.

1. Onboarding Topics

Effective employee onboarding is key for new hires to get off to a strong start in their new workplace. It allows the employees to better grasp their tasks and responsibilities, as well as comply with business topics and rules, making it easier for them to transition to their new roles. In the long term, a good head start will lead to improved performance, which is beneficial to both the employees and the organization. This HR training topic is crucial for new hires so it is highly recommended to get them into proper onboarding topics, such as OSHA safety regulations, to avoid confusion and delays midway through employment.

HR Training Topic - Onboarding Topics

If you’re in the retail industry, SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Onboarding - Retail course is a great onboarding course to check out. The HR course can give you an idea of what to include in your onboarding training for your HR professionals. It gives a detailed breakdown of how they can best tackle company values and key practices within the retail industry.

Get started on onboarding training by signing up for SC Training (formerly EdApp) today.

2. Related Technology Solutions

In this digital age, companies adopt the use of related technological solutions to streamline the processes in different departments, may it be in HR, sales, marketing, finance, remote hiring or ATS, and more. While it is extremely helpful and ideal to employ innovative software to make things easier for employees, it can be counterproductive if they are not oriented properly. Considering this, it will be a great HR training topic to educate your teams on how to use solutions and once they’re familiar with it, an increase in occupational productivity will follow.

HR Training Topic - Related Technology Solutions

Managers from any department can take advantage of LMS such as SC Training (formerly EdApp) to author their own training courses. SC Training (formerly EdApp) specializes in microlearning so all the lessons are delivered in bite-sized chunks, making the content interactive and easy to understand.

3. Teamwork Seminar

A great HR training topic would be teamwork seminars. Employees are usually organized into teams that undertake distinct functions in most businesses. It’s critical for employees to develop positive relationships with their coworkers in order to perform at their best and keep business operations operating smoothly. And one of the best ways to practice performing in a team is through human resource seminars.

HR Training Topic - Teamwork Seminar

Performing work as a group improves team cohesiveness and dynamics. To help teams function better together, employees must be able to identify with one another and have a common goal. Team-building exercises or training programs are highly suggested to develop camaraderie and build good connections, which will reflect both inside and outside the workplace.

Here are different work related virtual team bonding activities and team-building courses as guides for your next teamwork training seminar.

Looking to start on teamwork training for HR? SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Embracing Teamwork would be a great place to start. The course details the necessity for effective teamwork training and all the ways they can be team players in the workplace.

4. Company Culture HR Topics

As employees are onboarded, it’s important to communicate organizational goals and introduce company culture HR topics to help them feel that they belong to the team. Having this human resource training will open their minds to the values of the company and it will help them assimilate to the accepted behavior and daily interactions in the organization.

HR Training Topic - Company Culture Topics

It is ideal if the employees can identify with the mission, vision, and values of the company since they are working towards the growth of the organization.

Crafting training for your team on company culture can be challenging. But with SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Maintaining Culture course, this can be a lot easier to do. The course gives you an idea for what you can include in your company culture HR training course. It discusses understanding culture, maintaining culture as leaders in the organization, and how being consistent contributes to company culture.

5. Compliance Training

To protect the rights of the employees working in an organization, there are a lot of compliance requirements that HR compliance officers must keep track of to make sure best practices are being applied in their company. These laws and regulations include equal employment opportunity, diversity in the workplace, discrimination, and many more. To ensure that the company is complying with the state requirements and policies, HR compliance supervisors must undergo HR compliance training or OSHA compliance courses to refresh their working knowledge and avoid lawsuits and grievances. Compliance managers will also be able to plan strategically how to implement company policies that are beneficial to the employees. 

HR Training Topic - Compliance

There’s a ton of compliance training topics in SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s course library. Some examples include Workplace Discrimination, Sexual Harassment at Work, HIPAA Compliance Training, and Privacy Policy. Compliance training comes on a case-to-case basis since it depends on the laws and regulations within your organization’s area. But, SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s training courses can serve as good guides for what to base your HR compliance training on.

6. Work Ethics List

Having a good work ethics list that is compatible with your fellow employees is a huge advantage because more or less it describes your diligence in regard to your work. Whether it’s the attitude, organizational skills, reliability, productivity, or sense of responsibility – any of those determine how effectively an employee can work with other people and how good the employee’s performance is going to be moving forward.

HR Training Topic - Work Ethics List

Introducing work ethics as your next HR training topic will surely fast forward the adjustment period of your employees to the generally accepted behavior in your organization.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) developed the Ethics and Code of Conduct training course to help your staff create a healthy culture and eliminate hostile work environments and workplace abuse. This training explains the ideal company beliefs and principles, as well as how to communicate with coworkers and behave appropriately toward the business.

7. Time Management

It is no surprise that proper time management is essential for efficiency because everything is designed to meet a deadline. It’s how experts make the most use of their time and resources to achieve the best results. Whenever it comes to work and productivity, everyone operates differently, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Offering an HR training topic such as time management will help your employees in identifying which techniques are most effective for them. Both productivity and performance will improve after they find the approach that works best for them.

HR Training Topic - Time Management

Great time management looks different for everybody since it’s largely dependent on how one works. While that may be the case, SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Sales Professionals' Guide to Time Management can serve as a great example of how to get started on time management training. The course discusses what time management is in a nutshell, how to set up an effective schedule, and how your HR professionals can manage their time.

8. Workplace Safety HR Topics

Companies must adhere to regulatory safety requirements to ensure the health and safety of workers, particularly for jobs that demand manual handling and physical labor. To provide occupational safety and safety in the workplace, HR compliance officers should include training that tackles an HR training topic of workplace safety to teach the employees everything they need to know about safety procedures. Workplace hazards, injuries, and fatalities should be avoided at all costs, both for the sake of the employee’s health and to avoid legal ramifications.

HR Training Topic - Workplace Safety Topics

Workplace safety training can be tricky to deliver to your HR teams, given that it’s too broad a topic to cover everything. But SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s Safety in the Workplace can be a good place to start. It covers the four essential components of workplace safety. It's designed specifically to support employees in overcoming possible workplace hazards and contributing to a safe environment in which efficiency and effectiveness may thrive.

Need help with this HR training topic and other safety compliance topics? Check out these workplace safety training courses: manual handling, chemical safety, safety training videos, construction safety, confined spaces, and office safety

9. Work-Life Balance

Mental health in the workplace is a significant concern that is often not taken seriously. Not everyone copes the same way as others, and we all have our own set of limitations for employee engagement. Some employees are unable to effectively manage their time and divide their personal and work lives, resulting in exhaustion and degradation of mental health.

HR Training Topic - Work-Life Balance

When this occurs, their work performance suffers, which is something that needs to be tackled. You may help your team sort out their needs and offer them a sense of security at the same time by holding an HR training topic session on work-life balance. Also, knowing that the company cares about their overall well-being will promote employee retention and increase job-satisfaction and employee performance.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) created this course on Work/Life Balance in the Same Room to help your HR team members manage their time between work and home life. It begins by introducing the optimal home setup while still preserving a work-life balance.

It then emphasizes the significance of everyday routines like sleeping 8-10 hours each day, having regular meals, and enjoying leisure. Finally, your HR staff will learn how to set up their home workspace for greater ergonomics and efficiency.

10. Inclusion and Diversity Topic

As more businesses become global, employees work with individuals of various countries and backgrounds. It is critical to establish a culture of respect in a diverse workplace in order to foster a healthy and safe work environment. In the long term, exposing your employees to the HR training topic of diversity and cultural awareness will benefit the company because it will reduce turnover, workplace conflicts, and harassment. It will make everyone appreciate every employee regardless of race and background.

HR Training Topic - Inclusion and Diversity

What better DEI training course to have your HR team take than one from a DEI professional? Karamo’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training begins by defining diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) before delving into unconscious prejudice and how it affects the workplace. There's also a lecture on microaggressions that includes examples as well as realistic sample scenarios.

11. Anti-harassment

Employers should provide employees with instructions on how to report and intervene in incidents of workplace harassment (and to whom). Additionally, they should be informed of the company’s anti-harassment policy so they can hold those in positions of power accountable if something goes wrong. One method to foster trust between staff and management is to show that principles are upheld and that rules apply to all equally.

HR Training Topics - Anti-harassment

SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s Bullying and Harassment course explores the differences between the two and educates employees on the many types of workplace bullying. It also addresses cyberbullying, which is becoming increasingly prevalent as individuals use social media and mobile devices more often.

Bullying behaviors will also be discussed, as well as how bullying may be avoided through individual actions and workplace rules.

12. Substance Abuse

By informing employees and managers about the effects of substance use on health, work performance, and workplace safety, you can support your drug-free workplace policy. Describe the importance that the company takes on the wellbeing of its employees, their families, and the communities in which they live. The risks of substance use and the advantages of abstaining from substance use should be made abundantly obvious in an employee education program.

HR Training Topic - Substance Abuse

As a leader, it's critical to give regular drug and alcohol prevention training to support your HR team in preventing and combating drug use and substance addiction. You can help improve your workers' understanding of the hazards of drug usage and foster a safer work environment by using SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace course.

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