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January 24, 2019



microlearning to train sales teams

Sales teams are one of the most valuable assets of any business. Building out their skills is, therefore, incredibly important for any learning and development department. However, marshalling sales workers into a training location (or getting them to perform a lengthy eLearning course) can be a fraught process. Fortunately, using microlearning to train sales teams has become an effective method of achieving this.

1. Mobile Learning for training sales teams

Sales staff add the most value to the company when they are face to face with customers: that’s how deals get done. To improve any sales team means doing so in a way that frees up their time to be with customers and to chase leads… without annoying them! Having microlessons delivered to sales teams’ smartphones means they can complete five-minute chunks of learning at their own convenience.

2. Online translation for international teams

Language can be a huge barrier for international sales teams. Using an LMS with a built-in cloud translation service (that’s compatible with over 100 languages) lowers this barrier in just a few clicks. Check out Google’s Cloud translation technology.

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A major difficulty with traditional eLearning is the inability to track the engagement of staff. With microlearning, analytics are delivered back to the learning manager so they can track who has and who hasn’t completed their lessons. Then they can remedy the situation with Push Notifications that land on their smartphone screens.

Spaced repetition to knowledge retention

Spaced repetition features like Brain Boost increase knowledge retention by creating custom courses based on their past success. It’s based upon the science behind the forgetting curve.

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