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10 Best sales training companies in 2024


February 14, 2024



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10 Best sales training companies in 2024

Staying ahead of the curve is essential for success in sales. In this article, we’ll guide you through some of the top-notch sales training companies that can sharpen your team’s skills.

They offer cutting-edge resources, comprehensive programs, and innovative methodologies to help you elevate your game.

From refining communication techniques to mastering the art of closing deals, these companies have proven track records in empowering organizations to thrive in the world of sales.

What are sales training service providers?

Sales training providers are organizations or companies that specialize in offering learning and coaching resources to those seeking to enhance their skills and effectiveness in sales.

These providers design and deliver training programs that cover a wide range of topics such as prospecting, communication, negotiation, and closing techniques. They aim to equip sales professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to excel in this competitive field.

Sales training providers often employ experienced sales training consultants, use interactive learning methods, and leverage technology to deliver impactful training solutions. These are tailored to the specific needs of their clients to foster improved performance and increased success.

Sales training company #1 - SC Training (formerly EdApp)

SC Training (formerly EdApp) is an award-winning learning management system (LMS) that addresses the unique needs of retail professionals with accessible and engaging training. SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s microlessons are brief, interactive, and tailored to suit the hectic schedules of sales teams.

sales training companies - edapp microlearning

The sales training company offers a library of customizable courses covering essential topics such as customer experience, communication skills, and safety in retail. With an intuitive course creator tool, you can personalize content to match branding and add interactive training materials even without any design experience.

sales training companies - edapp course library

If you’re pressed for time, SC Training (formerly EdApp) also offers course creation services (add-on), so you can be guided through the process with the platform’s instructional designers. Expertly designed lessons are then delivered to your team’s devices, seamlessly adjusting to mobile platforms.

sales training companies - edapp course creation services

With its Create with AI feature, SC Training (formerly EdApp) becomes unstoppable in empowering you to train your team with just a topic or a keyword in mind. All you have to do is input your idea and its AI technology will generate a whole course for your team.

sales training companies - edapp ai create

Cost: Free (up to 10 users)

Key features:

  • Microlearning
  • Customizable course library
  • Creator tool
  • Course creation services
  • Create with AI

Sign up for SC Training (formerly EdApp) and empower your sales team today.

Sales training company #2 - Salesken

Salesken is an AI-powered sales training tool that uses data science and conversational intelligence to simulate real-time interactions with customers and clients. The platform learns from various communication channels, such as emails, calls, chats, and meetings, offering sales representatives talking points and examples for learning purposes.

sales training companies - salesken

Salesken's AI can also analyze customer data and personas, assisting teams in developing personalized sales strategies to engage and win customers.

Cost: Contact Salesken

Key features:

  • AI-powered training tool
  • Customer data analysis
  • Personalized sales strategies

Sales training company #3 - Skill Pills

Skill Pills is a mobile sales training company that offers over 500 courses. These courses have engaging elements such as animations, videos, games, and quizzes. Designed for ease of access, the platform aims to enhance knowledge retention and increase completion rates by using interactive learning methods.

sales training companies - skill pills

Plus, Skill Pills has social tools for peer-to-peer training, fostering collaboration within sales teams and boosting the sales learning process.

Cost: Contact Skill Pills

Key features:

  • Sales training courses
  • Mobile access
  • Interactive learning
  • Peer-to-peer learning

Sales training company #4 - Brainshark

Brainshark is a sales enablement app that’s focused on training client-facing teams with the skills necessary to secure more deals. It offers an intuitive content authoring tool for creating professional sales training videos, so you can upload your videos or record screen presentations.

sales training companies - brainshark

The platform supports attachments, hyperlinks, quizzes, surveys, and polls to enhance learner engagement. Its published content is also accessible offline on various mobile devices, giving your team the flexibility to access training materials at their convenience.

Cost: Contact Brainshark

Key features:

  • Authoring tool
  • Attachments, hyperlinks, quizzes, surveys, polls
  • Offline and mobile access

Sales training company #5 - Axonify

Axonify specializes in delivering rapid and valuable training content to enhance the efficiency and customer service skills of your sales team. In this platform, you have the flexibility to create custom training content from scratch or choose from Axonify's extensive content marketplace. Instructional designers can also help you develop tailored courses for specific teams.

sales training companies - axonify

The platform combines various topics, events, and activities to support employees in achieving their sales goals. It also offers actionable data, giving insights into course completion rates, scores, compliance progress, and milestones, which can be used to address skill gaps within the sales team.

Cost: Contact Axonify

Key features:

  • Course creation
  • Content marketplace
  • Instructional designers
  • Data and insights

Sales training company #6 - MindTickle

MindTickle offers a user-friendly space for onboarding new hires and managing existing sales teams. The platform has coaching tools to help you connect and engage with your team, addressing gaps in knowledge and skills to improve sales outcomes.

sales training companies - mindtickle

Through online coaching, virtual role-plays, simulated scenarios, AI-based feedback, and sales tips, MindTickle boosts your team’s skills so that they’re fully equipped for any situation.

Cost: Contact MindTickle

Key features:

  • Online coaching tools
  • Virtual simulations
  • AI-based feedback

Sales training company #7 - LearningStone

LearningStone is an online platform designed for both learning and coaching. It’s suitable for content creators and businesses establishing training programs without technical expertise. The platform offers valuable features such as blended learning, social learning, spaced learning, and microlearning.

sales training companies - learningstone

While these features are great, this sales training company doesn’t have editable templates. This could make LearningStone better for businesses seeking specific results from their training programs.

Cost: Contact LearningStone

Key features:

  • Blended learning
  • Social learning
  • Spaced learning
  • Microlearning 

Sales training company #8 - Learning Pool

Learning Pool is an open-source LMS that prioritizes high learner engagement through a self-learning approach. This allows you to build scalable solutions tailored to your company's needs. This learning portal also offers personalized dashboards and custom reports for efficient data tracking.

sales training companies - learningpool

One of Learning Pool’s disadvantages though, is that it’s not SCORM-compliant, so you can’t upload SCORM-compliant courses for your sales force. Since SCORM compliance is an industry standard for elearning platforms, the platform falls behind in this aspect.

Cost: Contact Learning Pool

Key features:

  • Open-source LMS
  • Scalable solutions
  • Personalized learning

Sales training company #9 - Sandler

Sandler has a comprehensive approach for training behaviors, attitudes, and techniques to enhance your team’s performance. Its impactful sales skills training aims to increase your team’s success through improved performance.

sales training companies - sandler

The platform also incorporates accountability measures in training. It evaluates the current sales landscape and proposes a strategic and tailored approach for the best sales training programs to boost sales growth throughout the process.

Cost: Contact Sandler

Key features:

  • Comprehensive sales training
  • Accountability measures
  • Sales evaluation and strategy

Sales training company #10 - GTM Now

GTM Now serves as a community hub designed for free learning resources, so your sales team can refine their skills and achieve top-tier performance in their field. The platform offers diverse training materials such as blogs, podcasts, webinars, and conferences.

sales training companies - gtm now

Like other companies with the best sales training, GTM Now’s lessons cover essential sales topics such as selling techniques, strategies, and tools to address various challenges.

Cost: Contact GTM Now

Key features:

  • Free learning resources
  • Blogs, podcasts, webinars, conferences
  • Selling techniques, strategies, and tools


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