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10 Topics for Training and Development


October 1, 2022



Topics for Training and Development

To guide you on what kind of attitude and skills you should develop among your employees, we’ve listed 10 topics for training and development. These topics are designed to help them be more productive, organized, and disciplined. 

1. Leadership

Leadership is an essential topic for training and development that will benefit all employees, regardless of their level of seniority. Through this topic, they’ll learn how to think like a leader, which means going above and beyond in solving problems and overcoming setbacks. This will also equip them with principles, strategies, and techniques for building and fostering strong relationships with their team or even with clients.

Topic for Training and Development - Leadership

Produce great leaders from your team with leadership training. You can get started on this initiative thanks to SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Leading Under Pressure course. In collaboration with award-winning rescue diver John Volanthen, they’ve created lessons that will guide your team in withstanding challenges, practicing resilience, and strengthening their focus. 


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2. Project Management

Project management is another important topic for training and development that will teach your team how to manage and accomplish tasks in a systematic approach. This way, they’ll be smarter in planning projects so they’ll be completed in a timely manner. Not only that, training your team with project management skills will allow them to shift their priorities on tasks that matter most while being efficient with administrative tasks. Training programs like PR training courses can equip your team with the skills they need to effectively manage projects and be more efficient with their time.

Topic for Training and Development - Project Management

Aside from management skills, communication is another crucial factor in successful project management. With SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Communication in Project Management, your team will effectively learn this skill, particularly with writing, collaborating, and delegating tasks.

3. Communication Skills

Communication skill is a topic for training and development that will guide your team on how to clearly convey intended messages while being mindful of their tone and delivery. Honing this skill among your team will boost their confidence in expressing and communicating their thoughts and ideas across. It will also help avoid conflicts and misunderstandings with colleagues or even customers. Regardless of the industry, being able to communicate effectively is key to maintaining a positive but constructive work environment. You can take courses like communication training courses, active listening training courses, and PR training courses to further help you develop your communication skills.

Topic for Training and Development - Communication

4. Confidence

Confidence is all about taking pride in one’s own skills, abilities, and knowledge. As a topic for training and development, this will help your team gain a better appreciation of themselves and translate that confidence into stellar work performance. This way, they’ll have fewer doubts or hesitations in certain situations. Instead, they’ll have the confidence to deal with different challenges, solve problems, and make decisions.

Topic for Training and Development - Confidence

An aspect of being a skilled conversationalist is confidence. So, SC Training (formerly EdApp) created the Speaking with Confidence course to equip your team with the knowledge and skills they’ll need for leading better discussions or conversations. 

5. Critical Thinking

Critical thinking pushes employees to take on problems with a rational and systematic approach. With this topic for training and development, your team will learn how to create solutions by looking at the whole picture, relying on facts, and questioning ideas until they get to the core of the problem. So, they’ll be able to determine the most relevant ideas and solutions, rather than simply making assumptions. 

Topic for Training and Development - Critical Thinking

6. Stress Management

Your list of topics for training and development shouldn’t be complete without stress management. This topic is crucial for employees as they develop more skills and gain more responsibilities at work. Through stress management training, they’ll learn about different coping strategies and relaxation techniques so they can rise above the pressure in the workplace. Not easily losing oneself to stress also helps maintain productivity.

Topic for Training and Development - Stress Management

7. Creative Thinking

Creative thinking in general entails the ability to produce original and cutting-edge concepts from a fresh perspective. With this topic for training and development, they’ll be equipped with skills on how to go beyond the tried and tested. This way, they’ll be able to come up with bolder and more innovative ideas. It’ll also empower them to take on new challenges in interesting ways. Having this skill is especially helpful for competitive industries that capitalize on crazy big ideas.

Topic for Training and Development - Creative Thinking

8. Adaptability

Adaptability is a skill that will enable your team to remain flexible in dealing with different challenges and situations. Through this topic for training and development, your team will learn how to unlearn. Having this kind of mindset is crucial in being adaptable, as it allows them to be more open to new or better ways or possibilities. An adaptable employee can easily adjust to unexpected circumstances.

Topic for Training and Development - Adaptability

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s course on Adaptability will take your team through lessons on how to solve problems creatively, thrive under stress, and roll with uncertainty. This is a free microlearning course that’s all yours to readily share with your team!

9. Email Marketing

Email marketing is another topic for training and development that you should consider, especially if you’re part of an industry that connects with clients through e-mails. Here, your team will learn how to create personalized messages that are tailored for different audiences. This will help make your e-mails more relevant and engaging for them. Through this topic, they’ll also be able to explore different ways to improve e-mail campaigns using optimization strategies.

Topic for Training and Development - Email Marketing

10. Time Management

Time management is all about making use of time efficiently and wisely. As a topic for training and development, your team will learn ways to eliminate distractions and procrastinations by establishing a routine. They’ll also discover other tips, like making use of productivity tools and more. This way, they won’t get easily overwhelmed with additional tasks or responsibilities, which can happen as a result of growth in terms of skills and experiences. 

Topic for Training and Development - Time Management


Shera Bariuad

Shera is a workplace learning expert with a background in planning performance-driven solutions for various business industries. She’s dedicated to driving better learning and development outcomes by providing training strategies for training managers and curating lists of tools and courses for learners. Outside of work, she spends her time reading, illustrating, and designing.

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