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10 Customer experience certifications

We’ve created a list of customer experience certifications to help your customer service staff gain the skills and knowledge needed to deliver exceptional service. These courses aim to help improve customer satisfaction, build trust and credibility, and enhance career prospects.

Customer experience certifications
Last published: 17th May 2024
SC Training (formerly EdApp) Customer experience certification  - Customer Service: Handling Complaints

1. Customer Service: Handling Complaints

With SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s Customer Service: Handling Complaints, your team will discover how to address customer grievances, respond to critical feedback constructively, and transform this circumstance into an outstanding customer service experience. It discusses the advantages of paying attention to consumer needs and feedback as well as how a prompt and efficient response can improve customer relations.

The LAST method, which stands for Listen, Apologize, Solve, and Thank the Customers, is also covered, as well as the distinction between online and in-person complaints. This approach is seen to be the most successful technique to demonstrate to your clients that you have a staff that pays attention to their concerns and treats them seriously. 

Use SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s certificates to show your team members how much you value their knowledge! Along with encouraging your employees to complete workplace training, SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s certificate feature also allows them to maintain their expertise current with industry standards. Get ready to recognize your team members as experts. Simply store and download certificates from the admin experience with just a few clicks. No cross-referencing needed!

  • Cost: Free (up to 10 users)
  • Scope: Resolving complaints, handling negative reviews positively, benefits of customer feedback, addressing online complaints, LAST strategy

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Customer experience certification - Dealing with Difficult Customers

2. Dealing with Difficult Customers

Dealing with Difficult Customers, another of SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s customer service training courses, will teach customer service employees how to handle such feared circumstances effectively. It starts with a brief overview of the many categories of challenging clients and effective approaches to dealing with them. 

It goes over Logan's Roadhouse's STARS guide: Sorry, Thank you, Act, Recover, and Share, which is useful for handling customer complaints. Additionally, there are lessons on how to handle a misplaced food order and deal with drunk patrons as real-world examples.

Re-enrolling your team for recurring certification has been made easier with SC Training (formerly EdApp). To deliver your recurring courses, just set a static expiry date and your learners will be automatically enrolled in the course after. This is ideal for courses that learners must retake regularly.

  • Cost: Free (up to 10 users)
  • Scope: Types of difficult customers, STARS guide to responding to a guest complaint, how to handle a wrong food order and deal with intoxicated customers

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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Alison Customer experience certification - Introduction to Customer Service Excellence

3. Introduction to Customer Service Excellence

Here in Alison’s customer success certification, your teams will learn about the methods used by top customer service representatives in major corporate sectors. They’ll learn how to connect with customers on a personal level, work well in a team, and collaborate with coworkers. This course will also discuss the proper behavior to have for effective customer service and ways to create a positive first impression.

Alison offers three types of certificates: digital, physical, and framed. While the course is free, you’ll have to purchase the certificate through the Alison shop.

  • Cost: Free
  • Scope: Understanding the customer, customer service skill sets, working within a team

Created by Alison

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 Goskills Customer experience certification - Customer Service Training

4. Customer Service Training

This online training covers the seven fundamental principles for providing outstanding customer support. By mastering these essential techniques, you can retain satisfied customers and keep clients loyal to your business instead of turning to competitors. In this course, learners will understand the significance of customer service and how it affects the company's success. It also teaches them how to offer solutions that will astound customers and surpass their expectations.

  • Cost: Free, paid plans
  • Scope: Seven fundamental principles for customer service, importance of customer service, offering solutions that go beyond expectations

Created by Goskills

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Customer experience certification - Excellent Customer Service Through Communication

5. Excellent Customer Service Through Communication

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Excellent Customer Service Through Communication discusses the significance of communication and confidence. It uncovers how these traits are seen as the foundations of excellent customer service. Additionally, learners will get the best enunciation, active listening, and confident speaking techniques through a series of case studies and exercises that will enhance their ability to interact with clients. They’ll also find examples of real-world client feedback, along with response strategies for how to handle them.

Want to know more about what your learners have gained from this course? With the Discussions feature in SC Training (formerly EdApp), you can collect valuable real-time insights. This feedback can then help you determine what's working well, check your learners' understanding of key concepts, and get suggestions from them. This allows you to continually improve your training program and make sure your learners are getting the most out of their training experience.

  • Cost: Free (up to 10 users)
  • Scope: Importance of communication skills, enunciation, active listening, and confident speaking techniques, customers’ feedback

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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High Speed Training Customer experience certification - Online Customer Service Training Course

6. Online Customer Service Training Course

This course is ideal for those who work in a customer service role and interact with customers over the phone, via email, social media, or live chat. This customer success certification training will equip learners with the skills necessary to offer the best possible customer service at all times. Topics covered include the importance of customer service, communication skills, and problem-solving skills. It also discusses how to make sure that customers have a positive interaction to encourage repeat business and give word-of-mouth recommendations.

  • Cost: £25 +VAT
  • Scope: Importance of customer service, communication skills, problem-solving skills, creating positive customer relationships

Created by High Speed Training

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Customer experience certification - Call Center Customer Service

7. Call Center Customer Service

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Call Center Customer Service is one of the customer experience certifications that will be particularly helpful for employees who work in contact centers. It covers the fundamentals of effective phone interaction, such as getting ready for a call, what happens on a call, phone etiquette, and more. 

Additionally, learners will be able to hold and transfer calls effectively, which can often be a frustrating experience for customers. They’ll also acquire active listening skills and strategies to deal with challenging customers in a way that will help them at the end of the day.

Not everyone likes to sit at a desk all day long just to finish training. That's why SC Training (formerly EdApp) built its mobile-first platform, so you can reach all your team members, regardless of their location. Whether they're in the office, on the road, or off-site, everyone can get access to training without the hassle of coordinating or scheduling. With gamification techniques combined with mobile learning, you’ll see completion rates skyrocket as learners enjoy their training.

  • Cost: Free (up to 10 users)
  • Scope: Phone call preparation, parts of a phone call, holds & transfers, helpdesk, phone etiquette

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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Disney Institute Customer experience certification - Disney's Approach to Quality Service

8. Disney's Approach to Quality Service

In this course, Disney emphasizes how genuinely understanding your customers' expectations and knowing how to have the correct service standards in place to exceed them are the keys to offering exceptional customer service. In this course, learners will get to examine the customer experience, identify customer motivation, recognize service pitfalls, and dispel misconceptions that are all key to establishing quality customer service. This is also a good course for those who are looking to be a cx strategist as they can learn how to improve client loyalty and differentiate from rivals.

  • Cost: 199 USD
  • Scope: Correct service standards, keys to exceptional customer service, improving client loyalty

Created by Disney Institute

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Universal Class Customer experience certification - Call Center Customer Service

9. Call Center Customer Service

Universal Class created the Call Center Customer Service course to give customer care representatives the knowledge and abilities they need to deal with client concerns. The training covers the significance of customer service, appropriate telephone etiquette, communication skills, and CRS technologies. This includes telephone, internet, and live chat capabilities. The course is presented through a combination of videos and extra articles where employees will also learn how to improve soft skills as part of the job.

  • Cost: 75 USD
  • Scope: Significance of customer service, telephone etiquette, communication skills

Created by Universal Class

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SC Training (formerly EdApp) Customer experience certification - Speaking with confidence

10. Speaking with confidence

The Speaking with Confidence course was created by SC Training (formerly EdApp) to empower customer service representatives, enhancing their communication abilities and increasing their confidence when speaking with clients. The training offers some advice on how to converse more effectively with clients, how to stop using filler words, and how to develop fluency.

If you have teams spread across the globe, you’ll find SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s AI Translation tool handy. It allows you to translate courses into multiple languages to better serve your team. This means you can deliver content in over 100 languages with just one click! 

  • Cost: Free (up to 10 users)
  • Scope: Communication abilities, boosting confidence, conversing effectively

Created by SC Training (formerly EdApp)

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