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10 PPE training courses


November 12, 2020



PPE training courses

Using the best online safety training to maximize learning is extremely important when it comes to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) courses. With so many precautions needed based on several PPE statistics, accessing the very best PPE training is necessary for you to strengthen workplace safety and health, as well as avoid additional expenses for worker compensation as a result of unwanted workplace incidents. To help out, we’ve collected 10 PPE training courses for your consideration below.

1. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s New Hire Safety Orientation

This PPE training course, hosted on the SC Training (formerly EdApp) learning management system, is completely free, highly engaging, and incredibly easy to access. It combines multimodal learning with a state-of-the-art platform that provides maximum productivity. From a content standpoint, this course gives users a firsthand look at workplace safety and how to manage emergencies, hazard communication, and other relevant safety training like using respiratory protection. Users will find it easily customizable, and the Canva authoring tool makes adding PPE training videos seamless. You can also add your own PPE Training PPT simply by copying and pasting your existing training content. SC Training (formerly EdApp) takes this a step further, though, with a PowerPoint conversion tool. This built-in and completely free feature allow you to easily upload your PPT presentations to the platform and it will do the work for you by converting your dated content into beautiful microlessons within minutes.

PPE Training Course - new hire safety orientation - Course About

2. OSHA’S Personal Protective Equipment Training

This PPE training course provides users with a PPE training PDF. Information in this safety management course is broken down into the use, selection, maintenance, and inspection of PPE. Users will find specific details including when PPE is necessary, what types of PPE should be used, and how to properly modify PPE to avoid any workplace safety issues. While this OSHA training is informative, the format of its delivery isn’t ideal since it lacks and modern or interactive platform.

3. eSafety’s Personal Protective Equipment Training

This PPE training course focuses on the proper use of PPE, but is quite general, meaning it may lack more specific or important content. Minimizing risk and maximizing workplace health and safety is the focus of this course which has a total of 22 sections. Users are guided through a series of details that will aid in reducing work-related injuries and unsafe situations using PPE properly. Another drawback of this course is its length. Unlike microlearning platforms, it’s rather lengthy and could result in a bigger commitment of time to complete.

PPE Training Course - Saf

4. Compliance Training Partner’s PPE training

Trainers looking for a quick PPE training course to give employees will appreciate this effective but simple tool in strengthening job safety.  This training program promises proficiency in understanding PPE and its uses. Through flexible training options, the goal is to help all team members get properly trained in a way that meets their personal needs. This training course works well with professional organizations, so it may not be the most useful for other types of facilities or sites, such as confined spaces.

5. OSHA’s PPE Training Course

With a varied targeted audience, this OSHA safety training course presents the general requirements pertaining to PPE so employees can comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.  From employee-owned PPE to PPE categories, this course is varied. For a cost, employees can receive this course that offers 24/7 access. Users can log in and complete the course at their own pace with the ability to work on the course for up to 180 days.

OSHA’s PPE Training Course

6. EssentialSkillz PPE Online Training

When trying to assess where and how PPE should be used, proper training is essential. This training option is available for both employees and employers. After taking this course, learners will have a basic understanding of providing and using PPE between employers and employees following its completion.

7. NSC’s PPE Training

This training focuses on eliminating physical hazards. With the discussion about how PPE may assist in eliminating these workplace hazards, users will feel better prepared to meet OSHA requirements. After completing this course, learners will be able to conduct basic PPE Hazards Assessments. They will also get a preview of various types of PPE and how they should be used to maximize effectiveness. This courseware is quite simple and focuses on meeting OSHA requirements, making it quite niche in terms of training your teams.

8. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Safety in the Workplace Course

Trainers looking for a more customizable space to design and/or modify PPE training will love the features that SC Training (formerly EdApp) training has to offer.  With the addition of PPE Training made possible by the SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s powerful authoring tool, this course will have your teams learning with varied exposure and assessment to recall the most important PPE facts. Trainees also enjoy taking this courseware, since it’s peppered with elements of gamification, making learning fun.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) PPE training course - Safety in the Workplace

After completing this courseware, learners will be knowledgeable around slips, trips and falls. They will clearly understand the 7 steps of safe lifting, along with personal protective equipment to help mitigate risk and promote a safe working environment. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s editable content library makes customization extremely easy. After you select a course like this, simply tailor it to meet your teams’ needs in their work environment through the platforms intuitive authoring tool. Easily edit and customize with branding or different messaging, then deploy to your teams – all within minutes.

PPE Training Lesson - Safety in the workplace

9. 3M’s PPE Training & Education

Noted to offer a variety of tools to help trainers get more knowledgeable about PPE, this course provides numerous resources for trainees to explore on their own. Users who complete this course will have a better understanding of PPE safety training and now use the tools provided to manage a safe work environment. While this course is noted to provide safety compliance through training and education, it doesn’t offer customization, placing undeniable limitations on connecting with your teams and driving positive learning outcomes.

10. Abhisam’s Personal Protective Equipment Training

This resource has eight different modules and ends with a certificate test. While the courseware does include graphics and videos, the course lacks other built-in features like gamification and microlearning. Unfortunately, Abhisam’s Personal Protective Equipment Training falls short in its limited capabilities of customization which will likely put your training’s effectiveness at risk.

Where do you want to place your trust? Unlike Jack, Susie was cool, calm, and collected. While it sounds too simple to be true, the difference was in training! A well-trained employee who feels armed with knowledge and know-how is always one of a company’s greatest assets. Discover the industry’s leading training courses for all industries in SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s completely free, editable course library.

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