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10 Front Office Training Topics


April 15, 2022



Front Office Training Topics

First impressions last – which is why we’ve put together a list of the most important front office training topics to ensure that your customer-facing department sets the right tone from the moment the customer walks in the door. You will also find some training topics that will help your front office employees master the know-how of dealing with the most difficult visitors and guarantee a positive customer experience that will inspire them to return to your business. 

1. Greeting customers

When dealing directly with customers, a sense of trust and safety must always be present, and it should begin as soon as they set foot in your store or establishment through front office operations. Appropriately greeting and welcoming customers will give them the feeling of security, knowing that you’re providing them with a safe place to either spend or stay. It also shows that their visit is highly valued, which increases the chances that they will make a purchase and leave a positive review about your business. 

Front Office Training Topic - Greeting Customers

It may look straightforward, but customer greetings can make or break your brand’s reputation. For that reason, it goes without saying that this front office training topic must be discussed in detail with your front office employees. It would be very beneficial for their performance if you can give them some ideas on how to break the ice with their customers through small talk, form a personal bond with them, build rapport, and make them feel comfortable upon entering your establishment.  

If you’re short on resources, you can take advantage of SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Selling Strategies and Interacting with Customers free course and management development courses to walk your front office team through some tips and techniques on properly greeting and welcoming their customers. You can also take free English classes sop training courses

It follows a microlearning format, allowing your busy team to learn the art of greeting customers in just a few minutes. 

Front Office Training Topic - Sales Course

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2. Creating a positive customer experience

Greeting customers sets the first impression on your customers. But in order to retain them and secure repeat business with them, they must have a positive stay or a buying journey. Leaving your customers smiling and ensuring that their experience with your business is unique and satisfying is a good way to increase and strengthen your customer base. Meeting and exceeding their expectations also opens up an opportunity to get a “word-of-mouth” promotion from them and influence other people to try your products or services. 

Front Office Training Topic - Creating Positive Customer Experience

SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s digital learning platform houses a range of courses that can help enhance the customer communication skills of your front office employees. For one, you’ll find a course on Creating a Positive Customer Experience, which covers everything your team needs to know about keeping their customers happy. It discusses vital front office training topics like how to effectively interact and convey your message to customers through small talk and engage them using the power of a smile. It will also enlighten them about the qualities of good customer service that they may adopt in order to seal a personal bond with their customers. 

Front Office Training Topic - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Course Creating Positive Customer Experience

Another recommended SC Training (formerly EdApp) course that you should definitely check out is the Guest Experiences course. It goes through the right way on how to conduct great guest experiences, provide personalized services, commit to consistent quality service, and manage customer issues. The best thing about these SC Training (formerly EdApp) courses is that they’re all accessible via mobile devices, perfect for a deskless workforce like your front office employees. It also follows an asynchronous, self-paced learning process, meaning they can take it anytime and anywhere at their convenience. 

Front Office Training Topic - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Course Guest Experience

3. Authentic customer service

Providing an authentic style of customer service goes well beyond just making sales – it helps your brand to stand out and stay at the forefront of the competition. Without the air and artificiality of traditional front office interactions, a genuine and unscripted conversation will allow your employees to establish a fully rounded relationship with their customers when they communicate effectively. By earning their trust and loyalty, they are more likely to choose your products and services over other brands, and it will be your ticket to surviving and thriving in such an overly competitive market. Part of this connection comes from providing employees with the right training, including cash handling procedure training, to make sure that they can provide the best service possible.

Front Office Training Topic - Authentic Customer Service

Another way to embed authenticity into your front office employees is by adopting a less-formal language. Forget word-for-word scripts and encourage your team to be themselves. Help them to hone their interpersonal skills by being honest, open, and transparent to their customers without being too dependent on the static front office responses. When discussing this front office topic with your employees, it’s also important to highlight the significance of keeping the utmost level of respect and courtesy, but in a way that’s natural to their personality and not to their job nature. 

4. Safety and security protocols

Front office employees, as the main point of contact for your customers, must know the safety and security protocols of your company. Important front office training topics such as emergency and evacuation plans, sop training courses, fire response procedures, and COVID-10 safety guidelines, must be communicated clearly to them so that they can handle almost any emergencies with authority. This knowledge will also give them the confidence to respond in case their customers have concerns, which is a big plus to your brand reputation. Having streamlined safety procedures will give every customer who walks into your establishment the assurance that they will not only be welcomed and pampered but will also be completely safe on your grounds.

Front Office Training Topic - Safety and Security Protocol

5. Upselling products or services

Have you ever gone into a store where you were offered a more expensive version of a product you were about to purchase? This practice is called upselling. While this selling technique is fairly widespread in the sales and retail industries, it is also used in the hotel industry through the hotel front office to persuade guests to upgrade to a fancier suite or services in exchange for a better leisure experience. This task is commonly handled by front office employees, and if done correctly, it can dramatically improve a business’ sales revenues by a large margin.

Front Office Training Topic - Upselling

Upselling, however, can be quite risky as it tends to give customers a negative first impression. For this reason, your front office personnel must undergo upselling training so that they know how to properly put this technique into practice. Some of the front office training topics that you can discuss with your team include steps to identify upselling opportunities, tips to overcome reluctance, and ways to offer comparisons without sounding too pushy. 

6. Empathy

Empathy in the front office and customer service is a practice of interacting with customers on a more personal level. It’s like putting themselves in the shoes of their customers to fully understand their concerns and come up with the best possible solution. By becoming more attentive to their needs and preferences and being a good listener, front office employees can build more meaningful, lasting relationships with them.

Front Office Training Topic - Empathy

You can use an LMS tool like SC Training (formerly EdApp) to train your front office employees on how they can operate and lead with empathy without the need to force them into attending a day-long workshop. Through its rapid authoring tool, your tips and techniques can be instantly uploaded and distributed to your team as early as today. 

7. Phone Etiquette

There’s no doubting that email, texting, and social media have progressed at a breakneck pace in recent years as forms of communication and even business communication. Yet despite these technological advances, telephone communication remains an important aspect of a business component. Directly connecting a customer with a front office employee, it’s still considered the quickest and most convenient way to inquire about a business’s products and services and get a personal response. 

Front Office Training Topic - Phone Etiquette

Bear in mind that every phone call your front office makes will be a representation of your company. The impression that they create will leave a lasting effect, and it will impact how future customers will see your brand moving forward. With this in mind, it’s vital that your front office staff must be equipped with excellent phone etiquette and a tone of voice or communication style that meets your company’s standards. Organizing regular telephone skills training will help ensure that your team is always on their A-game whenever they’re speaking to customers and potential clients on the phone. 

8. Active listening

Active listening is different from other listening skills as it refers to the practice of hearing not only the spoken words that a customer is saying but, more importantly, understanding the messages being communicated. While frequently overlooked, this listening strategy is vital in every business, and it’s in fact as powerful as talking. How well your front office team listens has a significant impact on the quality of their client relationships. Because if your customers feel they are heard, you can avoid misunderstandings and the more likely they are to seal a trusting deal with your company and the product or services that you sell. 

Front Office Training Topic - Active Listening

9. Non-verbal cues 

Aside from having verbal communication skills, understanding non-verbal communication is also an essential front office training topic that must be discussed with your customer-facing team members for effective communication. Having a conscious awareness of how their customers listen, look, move, and react will steer them away from delicate situations and help them react and respond the way expected from them.

Front Office Training Topic - Non Verbal Cues

It’s also essential to train your employees on how to be a good communicator and not only how to read their clients’ body language, but also how to be mindful of their own. If their non-verbal signals align with what they say verbally, this action sends clarity and builds trust with their customers. Some of the practices that can help enhance your employees’ nonverbal communication and to express their thoughts include maintaining eye contact, paying attention to others’ body language, and analyzing the context in which the communication occurs.

10. Dealing with difficult customers

Conflict management is the bread and butter of the position of every front office employee. As the customer’s direct contact, they will inevitably encounter inappropriate attitudes and unwelcome situations, all of which must be handled confidently and effectively. Turning a positive situation into a positive one is also a good opportunity to retain even the most difficult customers, and who knows, they might even become loyal advocates of your product or services. 

Front Office Training Topic - Dealing with Difficult Customers

Dealing with difficult customers can be quite tricky, but fortunately, there are several critical conversation training courses that can help your front office cope with such a delicate situation in a professional manner. One of the best resources that you can find is SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Dealing with difficult customers course, which touches on everything that your employees need to know about this front office training topic. It unpacks the different types of customers, tips how to respond to a guest complaint, as well as steps in identifying and handling intoxicated customers. It’s free to use, plus it’s also completely editable. You can add your own expertise in conflict management or even include the best practices specific to your business. 

Front Office Training Topic - SC Training (formerly EdApp) Course Dealing with Difficult Customers

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