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10 Gamified Learning Management Systems


March 10, 2022



Gamified Learning Management Systems - SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Gamified learning management systems apply gamification strategies or play elements to the learning experience. They deliver features that make learning fun, resulting in increased engagement and productivity among your workers. Here’s some gamified LMS you can check out.

1. SC Training (formerly EdApp)

Looking for the best gamified learning management system? Your search is over. SC Training (formerly EdApp) adopts modern learning strategies into its features to make learning fun and refreshing for your learners. This allows them to deliver the best gamified learning experience unlike any other.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) combines the best microlearning and gamification strategies to make your courses interactive and engaging. It does this by breaking down overwhelming training content into short-form lessons, while gamification applies game elements to training.

With the help of SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s user-friendly authoring tool, you’ll have access to over 80 ready-made templates to make the process of creating gamified microlessons easier. Game-based templates include Find-a-Word, Elevator Game, Image/Word Match, Jeopardy, Letter Jumble, and more. You can also take advantage of SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s editable course library, where you can easily deliver or customize these interactive courses to your learners. 

Gamified learning management system - SC Training (formerly EdApp) - Gamification

Aside from gaining new knowledge, you can also give them a sense of achievement through SC Training (formerly EdApp). SC Training (formerly EdApp) offers the Achievements feature that helps you acknowledge and inspire learners with banners and badges for every learning milestone. 

Gamified learning management system - SC Training (formerly EdApp) - Achievements

All of these features may be overwhelming but can relax if you’ve never created training materials because SC Training (formerly EdApp) can make the first course for you.

Key features:

  • Microlearning strategy
  • Gamification 
  • Authoring tool
  • Built-in authoring tool that includes 80+ intuitively designed interactive templates, such as multiple-choice, in-app gamification, conceptual formats, surveys, etc.
  • Achievements
  • Mobile-first approach

Cost: Free (up to 10 users), contact for a custom quote

Sign Up for Free and use SC Training (formerly EdApp) as your gamified learning management system!


2. Mambo.IO

Mambo.IO is another gamified learning management system that allows you to customize gamification solutions based on your own key performance metrics and helps you boost the learning outcomes of your employees. This way, you can align your training strategy with your objectives. You can also assign rewards based on their learning progress or completion of an activity or business process. A behavior-and-point-based Leaderboards feature is also available to encourage friendly competition and inspire better performance among employees. To further increase engagement and motivation, you can also reward learners with tangible benefits through its coupon system. This feature enables learners to redeem coupons from the points the learners have earned. 

Gamified learning management system - Mambo.IO

Key features:

  • Activity streams
  • Rewards system
  • Leaderboards
  • Coupon system

Cost: Price available upon quote request

3. Funifier

Funifier is a gamified learning platform that incorporates game techniques in its features to increase engagement. It provides features like Quest lists, Leaderboards, Progress bar, and many more to boost your employees’ learning performance. To further encourage learners to stay on top of their game, Funifier gives you the opportunity to create a custom incentive program so you can reward learners through its Rewards Catalogue. Aside from these, you’ll also have access to a dashboard, which you can customize with KPIs that are relevant to your objectives. You can then use your data to enhance your gamification learning strategies

Gamified learning management system - Funifier

Key features:

  • Game techniques
  • Rewards Catalogue
  • Custom incentive program

Cost: Price available upon request

4. Code of Talent

Code of Talent is a digital learning platform that addresses learning needs through personalized learning experiences. Through its gamification feature, you can create interactive quizzes similar to games to motivate and engage learners in their training. To promote self-paced training, social learning, and content engagement, Code of Talent’s courses are designed to be mobile and easy to digest. That’s why its microlearning journeys can be completed anytime and anywhere, in just three to seven minutes. 

Gamified learning management system - Code of Talent

Key features:

  • Personalized learning
  • Microlearning
  • Social learning
  • Gamification

Cost: Paid plans

5. Archy Learning

Archy Learning is an all-in-one gamification training software that you can use to host a global classroom for remote teams across the globe. With this platform, you can design learning paths by incorporating custom course quizzes, mixed media exams, homework, interactive video modules, and personalized games. Through its intuitive user interface, you can easily copy and paste Youtube links or upload classroom notes, PDFs, and other digital resources that your learners will need to complete their training. Course certificates are also available to motivate learners to complete their lessons. The tool’s school tracking and head office features are designed to give you insight into each of your learners’ course progress and assessment results. 

Gamified learning management system - Archy Learning


  • Global classroom
  • Custom course quizzes and games
  • Interactive video modules
  • School tracking

Cost: Paid subscription starts at 5 to 00 USD (monthly)

6. Gametize

Gametize is an enterprise-grade gamification training software that enables you to enhance your employees’ training experiences, whether they are going through onboarding or upskilling programs like cash handling procedure training. With this tool, you can easily design your own gamified content by choosing from a vast library of game templates, which are divided into project categories like employee engagement, learning and development, talent acquisition, and many more. You can also boost learning engagement and completion rates using flashcards, quizzes, and interactive challenges. Similar to other gamified learning management systems, Gametize uses leaderboards, badges, and rewards to drive motivation and foster healthy competition within teams. 

Gamified learning management system - Gametize

Key features:

  • Game template library
  • Leaderboards, badges
  • Rewards

Cost: Starts at 00 USD per month

7. Hurix Digital

Hurix Digital is an end-to-end digital content solution provider integrating different content creation and delivery platforms designed for modern-day learning. Among these platforms is a custom LMS that enables organizations to deliver training content through immersive training modules. It includes engaging videos, gamification, simulations, and scenario-based learning that are accessible across multiple devices. With this solution, you can customize your LMS according to your organization-specific training workflow. Its game-based learning strategy incorporates puzzles, problem-solving games, strategic games, challenge-based games, and many more.

Gamified learning management system - Hurix Digital

Key features:

  • Custom LMS
  • Immersive training modules using engaging videos, gamification, simulations, and scenario-based learning
  • Game-based learning incorporating puzzles, problem-solving games, strategic games, challenge-based games, and many more

Cost: Price available upon quote request

8. GoSkills

GoSkills is a flexible LMS and microlearning app that supports small-scale businesses in enhancing engagement rates. They do this by breaking down courses into short-form modules and applying gamification techniques. It also provides feedback options, together with a progress check. With its authoring tool, you can easily create and customize the branding of your courses, free of charge. This platform also includes a library of ready-made courses. While access to GoSkills is free, courses are only available for purchase. 

Gamified learning management system - GoSkills

Key features:

  • Microlearning
  • Gamification
  • Authoring tool
  • Feedback
  • Progress check
  • Content library

Cost: Free, paid plans

9. ProProfs

ProProfs LMS is an employee training software that features gamification elements including brain games, learning paths, and quizzes. Aside from increasing engagement, your learners are given the opportunity to learn at their own pace while still fostering collaborative learning through virtual classrooms. This allows you easily combine online and offline training, providing a gamified blended learning solution. This LMS also allows you to create new educational content made from scratch or customize existing courses from its online training course library.

Gamified learning management system - ProProfs

Key features:

  • Gamification elements
  • Premium course library
  • Easy online course authoring
  • Course completion certificates
  • Collaborative learning through virtual classroom

Cost: Free (within a 15-day trial), paid subscription starts at 4.96 (per feature monthly) 

10. Hoopla

Hoopla is a sales gamification software specifically designed to motivate sales teams to increase performance through contests, leaderboards, and real-time recognition. With this platform for online sales training and corporate leadership training courses, you can identify sales goals and create tournament-style or race-style contests for friendly competition between employees and accelerate overall team productivity. Team members can even track their individual performance through the tool’s built-in leaderboards system. Every time an employee reaches their target, Hoopla automatically sends a live news update to fellow team members so that everyone can celebrate their win. By fostering a competitive and encouraging atmosphere, your teams can have fun while hitting their targets. 

Gamified learning management system - Hoopla

Key features: 

  • Sales gamification
  • Contests, 
  • Leaderboards
  • Real-time recognition

Cost: 14-day free trial, Custom price available through a quote request


Shera Bariuad

Shera is a workplace learning expert with a background in planning performance-driven solutions for various business industries. She’s dedicated to driving better learning and development outcomes by providing training strategies for training managers and curating lists of tools and courses for learners. Outside of work, she spends her time reading, illustrating, and designing.

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