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August 13, 2020



What role does SC Training (formerly EdApp) play in a modern HR Tech stack?

What role does SC Training (formerly EdApp) play in a modern HR tech stack?

Modern HR departments have more responsibilities than ever before. Not only are they responsible for recruiting top talent, onboarding new employees, and retaining their work force, but they are also in charge of overseeing benefits administration, payroll, and compensation. It’s a lot of pressure for one single department to deal with. And somewhere between all these duties, employees must be trained, and their skills sharpened. There are many tools on the market that can be considered in a modern HR tech stack, but with so much to do and so little time to do it, it’s important that only the strongest be considered. And right now, the strongest and most versatile learning platforms are mobile-based.

Mobile learning has grown exponentially in recent years, coinciding not just with the rise of smartphones and handheld devices, but also the level of dependency individuals place on the technology. According to Marketing Land, 65 per cent of all digital media is viewed on smartphones. And according to DScout, the average person spends nearly three hours on their smartphone each day, touching the screen more than 2,600 times and glancing at it roughly 221 times. With these numbers in mind, it’s no surprise that learning has found a niche market in the mobile world. According to ReportLinker, the global mobile learning market will hit over US 78.5 billion by 2025.

HR Tech Stack - Mobile Learning App

Add to that the increasingly remote nature of education and work, and employers need to rely on online learning platforms to help train employees. According to a market analysis by Global Industry Analysts, Inc, 77 per cent of American companies have already used online learning to train their workforce. But which one is the best?

When it comes to training employees, SC Training (formerly EdApp) is the best software on the market and should absolutely be the bedrock of any HR tech stack. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s multi-award winning mobile LMS is the new standard in corporate elearning LMS. Utilising microlearning, gamification, spaced repetition and many other learning management system features, this mobile-focused system, which enables employees to perform training on their own mobile devices, is the most effective and engaging way to create, distribute and analyse training in corporate, retail and other business environments.

Here’s a rundown of what SC Training (formerly EdApp) can offer.

HR Tech Stack – Elearning Authoring Tool

Authoring is made fast and simple with SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s powerful template library and SCORM-compliant authoring tool. The tool is simple: SC Training (formerly EdApp) provides you with an entire library of fully interactive and immersive templates ready to be populated with your content and engage your learners. There’s no developer resource necessary. Simply apply your branding, author your templates to construct your lessons, and you’re ready to share with your team. The revolutionary authoring tool can be used independently or as part of your existing learning solution.

The SC Training (formerly EdApp) authoring tool is the only solution on the market that makes the use of data to provide real insight to authors. As the template library is used by all authors around the world, their insights on what makes a good microlesson are unparalleled.

What’s more, they can provide insights into the impact of duration on completion rates, which sequence of templates are the most optimal for maximum retention, the best placement of multiple-choice questions within a lesson and how it impacts average scores. All of these insights come free with SC Training (formerly EdApp), and the data can be used to make sure you use the tool that’s best for you.

HR Tech Stack - Elearning Authoring Tool

HR Tech Stack – LMS Resources

In addition to offering the ‘packaging’ of LMS-based courses through their authoring tool, SC Training (formerly EdApp) also offers a host of resources to help populate content, so you don’t have to. This includes a free library of world-class courseware and a whole array of templates that can be used.

They’ve partnered with some of the world’s most reputable brands and thought leaders to deliver a library of beautiful, world-class courseware, free to all customers. Learn about gender equality from UNITAR, food sustainability from Marley Spoon, and responsible bartending from the makers of Absolut Vodka. The content library online courses come fully editable, meaning they are yours to select, rebrand and personalize as you wish! Use one sentence or the whole lesson — training your team couldn’t be simpler.

And you can do all of this in a custom template, optimized for many mobile learning examples by using their template library. There are templates available for all facets of learning solutions, ready and waiting for your video, text, color grading, and imagery. Fully personalize and collaborate with others each template for a truly immersive branded experience to excite and engage your learners. The template gallery boasts over 50 intuitively designed templates that are suited to a diverse set of learning methodologies.

HR Tech Stack - Elearning Content Library

HR Tech Stack – Microlearning

Microlearning is a subset of eLearning, however it has gained more recognition with the advent of smartphone technology. In 2019, the global microlearning market was worth 1,5 billion USD. That number is expected to increase to 2.7 billion USD by 2024. As the name implies, microlearning is when complicated information is broken down into bite-sized chunks. These ‘chunks’ are highly-targeted lessons that are easier to digest and therefore, easier to retain and remember later. Courses that incorporate microlearning can sometimes see their completion rates rise from as low as 15 per cent all the way up to 90 per cent.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) is one of the most progressive microlearning solutions on the market with advanced LMS features. It allows learners to implement knowledge almost immediately into their workday. Use the mobile-first authoring tool to structure lessons around your content. When combined with delivery on a smartphone device, you can truly enable your learners to engage at a time and place that’s convenient for them. Their microlearning platform is one of the strongest assets that can be integrated into a modern HR tech stack.

HR Tech Stack – Gamification

Learning is most effective when it doesn’t feel like learning. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s built-in gamification features transform regular questions and answers into competitive games. Everything is built-in to their interactive templates, so creating fun and engaging lessons has never been simpler.

Gamification is the process of turning a mundane task into a game. Doing so lowers the mental barriers to absorbing new information, which improves the likelihood of knowledge embedding in long-term memory. Gamified learning environment motivates learners, leads to better engagement with content and is proven to enhance message retention. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s gamification tools allow you to quickly and effectively gamify training by simply adding your learning materials to existing gamified templates: all you need to bring is knowledge.

HR Tech Stack - Employee Leaderboards

Are you interested in adapting your existing training platform to one of the top cloud-based and easy-to-use LMS platforms? Visit SC Training (formerly EdApp) today to see how they can help. SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s multi-award-winning mobile app is the new standard in eLearning and offers support for microlearning, mobile learning, adaptive learning, employee training, compliance training,  spaced repetition and gamification.

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