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How SC Training (formerly EdApp) makes learning more accessible, digestible, and memorable through microlearning


April 20, 2023



How SC Training (formerly EdApp) makes learning more accessible, digestible, and memorable through microlearning

Microlearning delivers learning content in bite-sized chunks that learners can easily consume and retain. With SC Training (formerly EdApp), you can have a mobile-first platform to create microlearning courses for your team. When you use SC Training (formerly EdApp), your learning materials are sure to be engaging, effective, and efficient.

What are the characteristics of memorable learning?

When we learn something in a memorable way, we are more likely to remember it over time so we can recall it whenever it’s needed. So, memorable learning is a type of learning that is retained in our long-term memory by creating lasting impressions, and you can apply it to various types of employee training.

memorable learning - characteristics of memorable learning

Memorable learning is often achieved through techniques that enhance engagement, motivation, and interest in the subject matter. This includes the use of multimedia such as images and videos and interactive activities that involve the learner. Mobile education that improves accessibility, gamification elements that make learning fun, and bite-sized learning modules that are easy to consume and remember are also widely used.

In contrast, forgettable learning is often characterized by a lack of engagement, motivation, and interest. This makes it harder for learners to understand and retain the information they are presented with.

So to avoid overwhelming your learners or presenting them with content that they will have trouble understanding, you can use microlearning features in certain LMS like SC Training (formerly EdApp) to help. 

Benefits of memorable learning experiences

A memorable learning experience offers several benefits that improve the learning process and lead to better outcomes.

memorable learning - benefits of memorable learning

Increased Engagement

When learners are engaged in the learning process, they are more focused and motivated to learn. This leads to improved participation, where they are more likely to take an active role in their learning, ask questions, and seek out additional resources. With increased engagement, learning is not only effective but also enjoyable.

Improved Understanding

Memorable learning experiences are designed to be more impactful and relevant to the learner. They also simplify complex information into more digestible pieces, so learners can have a better understanding of the material being taught. Interactive activities or discussions can further improve their understanding of the material.

Increased Retention

When learning experiences capture learners' attention and create an emotional connection to the content being taught, they create a lasting impression on learners. This way, learners are also more likely to retain the information being taught over the long term. Interactive opportunities for active participation and reinforcement also increase their retention of the material.

Better Application

Memorable learning experiences empower learners to apply the knowledge they’ve gained to real-life scenarios. With better retention and understanding, they can apply the lessons they’ve learned in practical situations. Thorough practice activities or simulations also lead to improved performance, increased confidence, and better outcomes in the real world.

Examples of memorable learning experiences

There are memorable learning experience examples that can enrich your learners’ experiences and strengthen their knowledge retention.

memorable learning - examples of memorable learning

Bite-sized learning

Dividing the learning content into smaller, more manageable chunks is a highly effective learning strategy. When learners are presented with information in large, uninterrupted segments, it’s overwhelming and difficult to process. However, by breaking down the content into smaller chunks, they are able to focus on one concept at a time, allowing for a deeper understanding and better retention.


Adding elements such as points, badges, and leaderboards from learning gamification platforms makes the learning process more engaging and memorable. These achievements can be displayed on their profiles, creating a sense of accomplishment and pride. Leaderboards are also used to rank learners based on their progress, creating a friendly competition and encouraging learners to strive for improvement.

Multimedia content

Using images, videos, and audio to support the learning process makes the content more memorable and easier to understand. Incorporating multimedia elements into the learning process also helps to cater to different learning styles. Some learners may be visual learners who prefer to learn through images and videos, while others may be auditory learners who prefer to learn through spoken explanations.


Tailoring the learning experience to the individual learner's needs and interests makes it specifically engaging for them. Personalization takes many forms, such as adjusting the pace of learning, selecting appropriate learning materials, and offering customized feedback. Offering materials that align with the learner's hobbies, passions, or career goals creates a more meaningful and engaging learning experience. 

Real-world examples

Using real-world examples and scenarios to illustrate key concepts make the learning experience more relatable. When learners see how the concepts apply in real-life situations, they are more likely to remember and retain the information. They are also are more able to stay focused and motivated when they can see how the concepts being taught apply to their own lives and experiences.

Memorable learning experiences with SC Training (formerly EdApp)

To help your learners have memorable experiences, you can implement all the examples mentioned above using SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s microlearning features and strategies.

memorable learning - memorable learning with edapp

Take advantage of bite-sized learning

memorable learning - edapp bite-sized learning

SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s microlearning courses are designed in bite-sized chunks, which make them easier to consume and remember. You can take advantage of this feature by breaking down courses into more manageable lessons and allowing your learners to revisit the courses at regular intervals.

Use gamification features

memorable learning - edapp gamification

Gamification elements such as quizzes, points, and achievement badges make the learning experience with SC Training (formerly EdApp) more fun and interactive. Your learners are sure to engage with these features by completing the courses and earning rewards.

Try multimedia content

memorable learning - edapp creator tool

Multimedia content such as videos, images, and interactive activities are all over SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s microlearning courses. You can use these options to cater to your learners’ different learning styles and make the learning experience more engaging and memorable.

Engage in active recall

memorable learning - edapp spaced repetition

The principles of spaced repetition and active recall rule SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s microlearning courses. These principles are proven to improve long-term memory retention. Your learners can engage in active recall by revisiting the learned concepts periodically and testing their knowledge through quizzes and other activities.

Personalize the learning experience

memorable learning - personalized learning experience

Finally, SC Training (formerly EdApp)'s microlearning courses can be personalized to suit the needs and interests of individual learners. With SC Training (formerly EdApp), they can personalize their learning experience by choosing courses that align with their interests and career goals, and exploring other self paced learning tips.

Join SC Training (formerly EdApp) for free to promote a memorable learning experience with your learners.


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