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Compliance Course Library


September 24, 2020



Compliance Course Library

Our completely free content library is constantly growing, and some new editable compliance-based courseware has just landed.

If you’ve visited our editable content library before, you know that we’re working closely with a range of leading industry partners and thought leaders to bring you a variety of world-class content, sprawling across different topics and industries.

So far, our categories include Safety, Quality, & Risk Management, Modern Business Management, Food & Hospitality, UNITAR – Addressing Global Challenges, IT & Security, COVID-19, and more. These courses are free and mostly editable for you to select and tailor to deliver the best training material to your teams.

Compliance Course Library: what’s new?

The brand new courseware is contributed by Tamar Altbeker, Founder & Director of THE BAMBOO TREE, who is committed to growth through learning and includes 3 invaluable courses on compliance in the workplace.

Compliance Course Library - SC Training (formerly EdApp) LMS
Most organisations offer their employees some form of compliance training. Whether this training is part of an induction or compulsory once per year, the overall purpose of compliance training is usually to inform employees about specific workplace policies and procedures as well as any specific topics that are mandated by law. The overall goal of compliance training should be to change behaviours which in turn will lead to a safer and more productive workplace (not just about ticking a box or fulfilling a legal requirement.) However, finding creative ways to train employees on policies, procedures and legal requirements can be challenging.Adding microlearning as a medium for compliance training can have many benefits for an organisation as it offers short, sharp, creative bursts of learning which increase motivation, engagement and effectiveness. The ability to develop, update and distribute the lessons quickly, and via technology, also adds to the effectiveness of the training. For me, compliance training via microlearning offers another opportunity for THE BAMBOO TREE to engage the hearts and minds of learners and ultimately work towards changing behaviours which benefits both the individual and the overall culture of an organisation.
-Tamar Altbeker, Founder & Director, THE BAMBOO TREE 

While this content was created with Australian businesses in mind, these courses are highly applicable to workplaces all around the world. And since all these courses are fully editable, they’re made for you to easily select and tweak accordingly to suit you and your teams.

SC Training (formerly EdApp) Compliance Courseware

Compliance Course Library #1 – Sexual Harassment at Work

Compiled of 3 lessons, this editable courseware helps you to identify unlawful sexual harassment at work. This collection encourages acknowledgement of the prevalence of workplace sexual harassment and highlights the importance of prevention and intervention with practical strategies.

Compliance Course Library #2 – Workplace Bullying

As a resource for workplace bullying, this courseware outlines the facts to help identify workplace bullying in all its forms. It also includes an employer-specific and employee-specific guide, enabling all of us to take responsibility in managing and eliminating workplace bullying.

Compliance Course Library #3 – Workplace Discrimination

These lessons are designed to help you and your teams understand and identify unlawful workplace discrimination. Draw from specific examples to help tackle discrimination in your workplace and walk away with some clear tips. Easily select and edit the content to make it work for your teams.

Workplace Discrimination Compliance Courseware

All the courseware can be found under the Safety, Quality, & Risk Management category of the library. Ready to explore this content (and much more?) Access the editable content library and start deploying to your teams within minutes.

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