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July 16, 2019



millennial training

Millennials require a modern approach to training in order to enhance their knowledge absorption and performance in the workplace. 

The time has finally come when millennials have officially stolen the title for the largest generation in the workforce, taking the crown from the Baby Boomers. In saying this, it is crucial for companies to capture the knowledge and experience of the boomers so that there is a smooth transition of the power into hands of millennials. Scary.

Even scarier, they are two and a half times more likely to adopt new technology than every earlier generation. But scariest, by 2025 75% of the global workforce will be made up of millennials.

Training millennials can be a challenge which is why we have curated a ‘how-to’ guide for the perfect millennial training strategy.

How do millennials learn?

Millennials are now entering the workforce in mass quantities and are soon likely to become the largest workforce demographic. It is therefore imperative that employers understand how to effectively engage them in learning settings. Millennial learners are accustomed to seamlessly integrating technology into their learning experiences. And given their affinity for social networks, they are used to instant gratification in terms of feedback. Because they are highly focused on goal achievement, they actively desire feedback to help them accomplish their goals.

#1 Use mobile learning to train millenials

Mobile devices have basically become extra limbs to our younger generations making it easy to create mobile learning courses which are just as addictive as their phones. Mobile learning suits the preferences of learners, allowing them to progress through course content at their own convenience and pace. Learners can choose which content they would like to focus on at any given time, meaning they can switch between a plethora of different training modules. With mobile learning, onboarding can occur instantly, making for a seamless integration of new employees into the processes and culture of the company.

#2 Implement microlearning to train millenials

Microlearning is the perfect way to train millennials for various reasons. Firstly, our short attention spans have taken their toll on the amount of information we can absorb at any given time. Lessons are split into small, bite-sized chunks which are easily digested by the brain and stored into long-term memory. Bite-sized = right-sized!

#3 Introduce gamification to train millennials in the workplace

Gamification adds a whole brand spankin’ new dimension to traditional learning experience. According to HubSpot’s Consumer Behaviour survey, learners are the least likely to skim through educational games amongst any other form of content. Implementing gaming elements into serious course content transforms learning material into a set of fun and effective modules. Once entertained by functions such as leaderboards and prizes, millennials are sure to enjoy their training. You can say goodbye to costly course development as all you need to do is import unique content into ready-made gamified templates. For instance, SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s authoring tool gives users access to a vast library of a plethora of templates to transform your training strategy.

#4 Video Training For Millennials

Video training is a prominent solution to millennial learning styles, due to its engaging nature and its ability to provide learners with a practical example of how to apply particular skills on-the-job. When asking ‘how do millennials learn?’, it is important to note that the more interactive it is, the better. That’s why millennial training video is the perfect solution.

Millennials learning style: Learning with a video

#5 Have faith in millennials!

Millennial potential is often underrated, withholding a multitude of strengths and seeking to make a difference in the ever-changing world. They aren’t lazy (maybe a little entitled) but not lazy. In fact, millennials add power to your workforce, contributing to the success of your company, through using their utilisation of modern skills.

If you take one thing from this article, it’s introduce microlearning to make a millennial happy today!

Want to learn more about how to implement an effective millennial training strategy?

If you’d like to learn more about training your millennials, get in touch at enquiries@edapp.com. You can also try SC Training (formerly EdApp)’s Mobile LMS and authoring tool for free by signing up here.

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