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Training Recommendations


April 14, 2022



Training Recommendations

Use our training recommendation list below to find the right learning material for you and your team.

Training Recommendations

Fire Safety Training Courses

We’ve compiled a list of fire safety training courses designed to equip employees with basic knowledge on preventing and dealing with fire hazards.

Confined Space Training Programs

We’ve prepared a list of confined space training programs to help your organization create a safer workplace and ensure proper compliance with safety regulations.

Technical Writing Training Courses

Our list of 11 technical writing training courses will help upgrade your team’s technical writing and communication skills so they can produce quality and reader-friendly documents. Some of the topics covered here include the 5C’s of writing, types of technical documentation, the process of writing and editing technical manuals and papers, and more.

Personalized Training Programs

We’ve created a list of personalized training programs to make training effective so employees can get the most out of them. These courses were built with the learner in mind to cater to their specific needs and various learning styles.

PPE Courses

We’ve curated 10 PPE courses (Personal Protective Equipment) that will provide general knowledge as well as specific information for industries such as construction, manufacturing, and medical.

HAZWOPER Training Courses

We’ve put together a list of the best HAZWOPER training courses covering specialized topics such as toxicology, waste management, safety data sheets, decontamination, GHS communication, and emergency response.

Free eLearning Resources

We’ve created a list of 10 free eLearning resources to help you gain new skills, knowledge, and abilities. These resources were built to democratize learning and allow individuals to learn at no cost.

Safety Training Videos and eLearning Courses

Safety training videos and eLearning courses are an easy way to ensure that your workers are equipped with knowledge and practices to do their day-to-day jobs with their health and safety in check.

Project management Courses

All employees, regardless of skill level or seniority, can benefit from learning project management skills through project management courses.

Food Safety Courses

Food safety refers to the way food is handled, prepared, and stored to prevent food-borne illnesses. Members of the food service industry must undergo food safety training to protect their customers, employees, and the company. To help you with your training material, we made a list of the 10 best food safety courses that you can use to train your team.

Scrum Training Courses

We’ve created a list of 10 Scrum training courses to help your teams gain the essential knowledge and skills needed for adopting a Scrum framework. These courses were created to help them achieve higher levels of productivity to deliver excellent results and provide better customer satisfaction.

Leadership Development Programs

We’ve curated a list of 10 leadership development programs designed for potential, new, and experienced leaders.

Telehandler Training Courses

We’ve curated a list of the best telehandler training courses that your workers can take to ensure safe operations when working with telescopic handlers or reach forklifts. These specialized courses cover topics such as control gauges and indicators, refueling, parking and shutdown procedures, load charts, safe lifting techniques, and more.

Hospitality Management Training Programs

We’ve created a list of 10 hospitality management training programs covering essential topics to enhance the management skills of leaders in the hospitality industry. These programs are designed to equip learners with the skills and knowledge to provide good service.

Hotel Training Programs

We’ve created a list of 10 most recommended hotel training programs designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of your hotel workforce and ensure that they deliver the best guest service possible.

Storytelling Training Courses

We’ve personally selected 10 of the most recommended storytelling training courses to help you create and deliver strong stories and positively influence and motivate your team.

Hazmat Training Courses

Our list of recommended hazmat training courses will equip your workforces with the skills and knowledge they need to safely and responsibly perform their hazmat job.

Mindset Training Courses

We’ve created a list of 10 mindset training courses that will help you and your teams develop a growth mentality at work. These courses were designed to encourage employees to go beyond their limits and dramatically improve their work performance.

Restaurant Customer Service Training Courses

With proper restaurant customer service training courses, you can reinforce standards and procedures in servicing and interacting with customers.

Quality Assurance Training Courses

We’ve compiled a list of 10 quality assurance training courses designed for operation managers, customer-facing employees, sales managers, software developers, and others in similar fields. These courses cover specialized topics such as site observance reports, ISO 9000, manual testing, automation testing, and information systems auditing.

Corporate Compliance Training Courses

We’ve curated a list of 10 corporate compliance training courses to help your employees prevent any violation in the workplace and understand their shared responsibilities in protecting the organization.

Entrepreneurship Training Courses

We’ve curated a list of 10 entrepreneurship training courses that allows your employees to gain knowledge and strengthen essential skills in driving success for your business as entrepreneurs.

Hotel Management Online Training Courses

We’ve provided a list of hotel management online training courses to help hotel managers and employees keep up with industry standards on hotel management, hotel housekeeping, and interaction with guests.

Ergonomics Training Courses

We’ve put together a list of ergonomics training courses that are designed to help workers prevent injuries and ensure smooth operations while working in industries like manufacturing, construction, retail, transportation, and logistics. The topics range from musculoskeletal disorders and risk factors to ergonomic equipment and best practices, giving learners a better understanding of ergonomic principles.

Compliance Training Resources

We’ve created a list of compliance training resources to help you educate your employees about safety guidelines, work policies, and lawful requirements so your organization can operate effectively and legally. These courses aim to protect your organization from any liabilities and legal actions while providing a safe space and positive company culture to your employees.

Hazardous Material Training Courses

We’ve created a list of hazardous material training courses to help employees reduce the risks of working with hazardous materials while also ensuring the safety of those around them. These courses will familiarize them with essential information and safety guidelines needed that they can apply in their day-to-day jobs.

First Aid Training Courses

We’ve selected 10 first aid training courses to help you create a safer workplace for your employees by reinforcing safety protocols and training them about first aid procedures.

Cybersecurity Awareness Programs

We’ve selected 10 cybersecurity awareness training programs that can help you protect your company’s data from cyber-attacks and teach your employees how to prevent, recognize, and act on data security threats.

Behaviour Based Safety Training Courses

Our list of 10 behavior based safety training courses includes topics ranging from basic workplace safety and proper equipment handling to specialized courses, such as hazard communication and lockout/tagout processes. These courses are mostly focused on promoting safer behavior in the workplace and preventing common injuries and illnesses.

Mining Training Courses

We’ve handpicked some of the most recommended mining training courses that you can use to protect your miners from the health and physical hazards of their job. Some of the topics covered include safety practices when working in confined spaces, dealing with airborne hazards, and the basics of using fall protection systems.

Agile Training Courses

We’ve created a list of the best Agile training courses to equip your teams with essential knowledge about the principles of Agile and help them produce excellent work results. These courses were designed to teach them about the best practices, techniques, and methodologies that they can easily apply in their day-to-day tasks.

Ethical Training Programs

Ethical training programs are essential to implement so that your employees can identify and solve ethical problems based on their morals. It is important that you and your team go through this ethical employee training so your company’s reputation doesn’t get tarnished, and workplace morale remains high because of a safe, ethical working environment.

Food Hygiene Online Training Courses

Food hygiene training is done to equip you and your team with the knowledge that will result in food safely being prepared and served in a hygienic situation. It is important now more than ever that you look into having your team enrolled in food hygiene courses online so they can learn the fundamentals of food safety to protect themselves, your business, and its customers.

Lockout Tag Out Training Courses

We’ve compiled a list of ten lockout tag out training courses that your workers can take to ensure safe operations when handling equipment and working with hazardous energy. These specialized courses cover topics like labeling systems, control procedures, lockout requirements, and different types of hazardous energy sources.

Working At Heights Training Courses

We’ve curated a list of working at heights training courses covering topics such as ladder safety, scaffold safety, aerial lifts, harnessing, and OSHA fall protection standards. These courses are designed to help your team understand fall hazards and the importance of using safety equipment and other fall protection techniques when working from heights.

Heavy Equipment Operator Training Online Courses

We’ve put together some of the best heavy equipment operator training online courses that will equip your workers with the right skills and technical know-how on handling specific types of heavy equipment, protecting them from accidental injuries and illnesses. Among the topics covered include the safe use of heavy machinery, cranes, bulldozers, forklifts, and more.

Online Bloodborne Pathogen Training Courses

We’ve outlined some of the most helpful online bloodborne pathogen training courses that will eliminate or minimize the risk of bloodborne pathogen transmission in your workplace. These courses tap into essential topics like the sources of bloodborne pathogens, associated health hazards and risks, modes of transmission, prevention tips and practices, and more.

COVID Training For Employees

We’ve compiled a list of the best COVID Training For Employees courses to assist workers in preparing for and responding to COVID-19 exposure and illness. These courses will provide essential knowledge about the virus and safety measures to lower the risk of exposure and infection at work.

Construction Safety Training Programs

We’ve compiled a list of ten construction safety training programs covering specialized topics like harnessing, excavation, trenching, scaffold safety, personal protective equipment, and OSHA standards. These courses are designed to protect construction workers from accidents and ensure safe operations while working in high-risk construction sites.

Retail Employee Training Courses

We’ve created a list of retail employee training courses to equip employees with the skills and knowledge to increase their sales and improve customer relationships.

Talent Management Programs

Talented employees are the engines that drive all businesses, so proper management is key. We’ve put together a list of talent management programs available for you to use to develop quality employees.

Interview Skills Training Courses

We’ve made a list of the 10 best interview skills training courses that will equip you and your training managers with the right skills and knowledge needed to hire the best candidates who fit your company’s standards. Among the topics covered include the types of interview questions, steps on structuring interviews, techniques for finding and hiring the best talents, and more.

Data Analyst Training Courses

We’ve created a list of data analyst training courses to help your organization make meaningful decisions to improve the business. These courses will provide data analysts the essential knowledge, skills, and tools of the trade to help them succeed in their careers.

Microlearning Courses to Improve Work Performance

Let’s look into different microlearning courses to improve work performance. We will see how each different course uses microlearning in its own way.

Business Training Courses

Investing in business training courses can help your employees recognize their responsibilities in making a significant impact on the business and sustaining value-driven relationships with clients.

Mindfulness Online Training Courses

Mindfulness is an important topic to discuss when talking about overall productivity. Doing mindfulness exercises has helped promote attention, observance of thoughts and feelings without judgment, and helps us regulate our emotions under stress in better ways. These types of exercises can reduce stress in the workplace by up to 32% in 30 days. If you are thinking of doing mindfulness online training courses, we have ten for you to choose from.

GHS Training Courses

We’ve put together the top GHS training courses that you and your workers can take to ensure safe handling and labeling of hazardous substances and reduce risks of workplace incidents and illnesses associated with chemical exposures. The topics covered include the GHS standards, hazard communication, container labeling, and more.

Retail Training Programs

Our list of retail training programs tap into the most important sales knowledge and skills that each retail worker needs to compete successfully in this fast-paced industry. The topics range from retail ergonomics, stocking, visual merchandising, and digital retailing, each prepared in videos, games, and short modules.

Supervisory Training Courses

We’ve compiled a list of supervisory training courses to ensure that your organization’s leaders are effective in overseeing their teams. They’re designed to equip supervisors with the essential skills and knowledge they need to help themselves and their employees excel in their respective fields.

Health and Safety Courses

We’ve handpicked 10 health and safety courses to enable your workforce to perform their jobs with the least amount of harm to their health and physical well-being. These courses will help your teams gain knowledge about various safety measures and health precautions so that they can work safely and are of sound mind and body.

Machine Guarding Training Courses

We’ve handpicked ten of the best machine guarding training courses covering specialized topics like machine safeguards, common machine hazards, inspection methods, and OSHA machine guarding regulations.

Basic Electrical Training Courses

We’ve carefully selected a list of ten basic electrical training courses designed for electricians, electrical engineers, industrial machine operators, mechanics, and many others in similar fields. The topics range from electrical safety and protection to currents and electric circuits, all designed to give learners a good foundation of electrical concepts and skills.

Hazard Communication Training Courses

We’ve compiled a list of ten hazard communication training courses covering specialized topics like Globally Harmonized System standards, OSHA hazard communication standards, chemical hazards, and personal protection methods.

Confined Space Courses

We’ve curated a list of ten confined space courses that your workers can take to ensure safe operations when working in confined spaces. These specialized courses cover topics such as entry permit systems, atmospheric monitoring, emergency procedures, and more, all designed to help your workers gain a basic knowledge of confined space standards and practices.

Public Speaking Training Courses

We’ve curated a list of public speaking training courses to help you support your employees in building a strong impression, communicating effectively, and driving action internally and externally.

Hotel Management Courses

We’ve curated a list of hotel management courses that you can take to get started on hotel operations. These courses are designed to explain how the different functions of hotel management operate as a whole.

Business Ethics Courses

We’ve gathered 10 business ethics online courses you can look into to learn more about the best practices.

Training Courses for Managers

We’ve gathered 10 training courses for managers so they can learn the necessary skills to inspire and motivate the employees.

Scaffolder Training Courses

We’ve compiled a list of scaffolder training courses to provide knowledge on building safe working platforms and scaffolding when working at elevated levels.

OSHA Training Online Courses

These OSHA training online courses cover a range of mandatory topics that can help control or eliminate serious health and safety hazards present in your workplace. These courses are designed specifically for those who just started in the industry and also seasoned workers who need a regular update and refresher.

First Responder Training Courses

We’ve compiled some of the most sought-after first responder training courses with topics ranging from trauma prevention to first aid, fire, and emergency training, all geared at improving their resilience and daily performance.

GDPR Compliance Training Courses

Completing GDPR compliance training courses is essential because it is of utmost importance that you and your team know how to properly handle personal data.

Mining Safety Training Programs

Use these mining safety training programs to train new and experienced miners alike and guarantee that your company is compliant with Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) guidelines and regulations.

Quality Control Training Programs

These quality control training programs will help your workers develop the knowledge and skills needed to conduct audits, inspection checks, product tests, and performance evaluations effectively and efficiently.

Sensitivity Training Courses for Employees

These sensitivity training courses for employees are meant to increase employees’ well-being, self-awareness of their own prejudices, and overall sensitivity to others.

Free Construction Certificates Online

We’ve compiled a list of free construction certificates online that you can use to save training costs when it comes to getting your workers prepared before a construction project.


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